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Take Advantage of the Government’s “Instant Asset Write-Off” Program

Take Advantage of the Government’s “Instant Asset Write-Off” Program

The Instant Asset Write-Off (IAWO) Threshold

The higher IAWO threshold provides cash flow benefits for businesses that will be able to immediately deduct purchases of eligible assets each costing less than $150,000. The threshold applies on a per asset basis, so eligible businesses can immediately write‑off multiple assets.

The IAWO is due to revert to $1,000 for small businesses (turnover less than $10 million) from 1 July 2020.


The Government is expanding access so that more businesses can take advantage of the IAWO. The annual turnover threshold for businesses is increasing from $50 million to $500 million. Expanding the threshold will mean an additional 5,300 businesses who employ around 1.9 million Australians will be able to access the IAWO for the first time.


This proposal applies from 12 March 2020 until 30 June 2020, for new or second‑hand assets first used or installed ready for use in this timeframe. However, these changes do not take effect until new laws are passed.

We’ll provide more information about how to access the IAWO as it becomes available.

Learn more about the instant asset write-off.

Examples of how the instant asset write-off can help your business

Business benefits from increased asset threshold

Owen owns a company, ON Point Farms Pty Ltd, through which he operates a farming business in the Central Wheat Belt of Western Australia. ON Point Farms Pty Ltd has an aggregated annual turnover of $25 million for the 2019‑20 income year. On 1 May 2020, Owen purchases a second hand tractor for $140,000, exclusive of GST, for use in his business.

Under existing tax arrangements, ON Point Farms Pty Ltd is not able to immediately deduct assets costing more than $30,000 and instead would depreciate the tractor using an effective life of 12 years. Choosing to use the diminishing value method, ON Point Farms Pty Ltd would claim a tax deduction of $3,899 for the 2019‑20 income year.

Under the new $150,000 instant asset write‑off, ON Point Farms Pty Ltd would instead claim an immediate deduction of $140,000 for the purchase of the tractor in the 2019‑20 income year, $136,101 more than under existing arrangements. At the company tax rate of 27.5 per cent, Owen will pay $37,427.78 less tax in 2019‑20.

This will improve ON Point Farms Pty Ltd’s cash flow and help his business withstand and recover from the economic impact of the coronavirus.

Business benefits from increased turnover threshold

Samantha owns a company, Sam’s Specialty Roasters Pty Ltd, through which she operates a large food processing business in Brisbane. Sam’s Specialty Roasters Pty Ltd has an aggregated annual turnover of $150 million for the 2019‑20 income year. On 1 May 2020, Samantha purchases five new conveyor belts for her production facility for $40,000 each, exclusive of GST, for use in her business.

Under existing tax arrangements, Sam’s Specialty Roasters Pty Ltd is not eligible for the instant asset write‑off and instead would depreciate the conveyor belts using an effective life of 15 years. Choosing to use the diminishing value method, Sam’s Specialty Roasters Pty Ltd would claim a total tax deduction of $4,456 for the 2019‑20 income year.

Under the new $150,000 instant asset write‑off, Sam’s Specialty Roasters Pty Ltd would instead claim an immediate deduction of $200,000 for the purchase of the conveyor belts (i.e. $40,000 for each conveyor) in the 2019‑20 income year, $195,544 more than under existing arrangements. At the company tax rate of 30 per cent, Samantha will pay $58,663.20 less tax in 2019‑20.

This will improve Sam’s Specialty Roasters Pty Ltd’s cash flow and help her business withstand and recover from the economic impact of the coronavirus.

For more information, please visit:

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API Consoles and the Revival of Macon Georgia’s Capricorn Studios

API Consoles and the Revival of Macon Georgia’s Capricorn Studios

The visionaries of Mercer University, under the direction of President William Underwood and with the hands on diligence of Larry Brumley, Mercer’s Vice President tackled an enormous undertaking to save and revitalize one of pop music’s most iconic recording studios.

Among many important decisions that had to be made was a replacement console to the original API console that lived in the studio since the 70’s, and recorded so many legendary records, including most of the Allman Brothers catalog, Marshall Tucker Band, Charlie Daniels band and so many others at the leading edge of the Southern Rock music scene.

The decision was made to acquire a new API 2448 Recording Console to replace the 70’s era API console that lived at Capricorn.

With the choice of 3 different frame sizes, 24, 32 and 40 channels, Capricorn selected the largest 2448 frame built to date, a fully featured 40 channel version. With 40 Mic Pres and 40 API equalizers, each channel features two inputs, both with faders. Combining the Main Fader, the 2nd Fader and the 4 Stereo Returns gives the system an impressive 88 channels feeding the mix buses.

Rounding out the system is API’s ‘Final Touch’ motorized fader automation system, which is now compatible with Vision, Legacy AXS and 1608-II consoles, allowing projects to move seamlessly between facilities equipped with those API consoles.

Steve Ivey, a Mercer graduate and Grammy award winning producer engineer based out of Nashville was a key figure in the planning and revitalization of the studio.

“For 50 years API consoles and Capricorn Studios together have made a worldwide, profound impact in music and recording,” said Ivey. “As a Mercer University music graduate who learned to record on an API console, under the direction of Capricorn producer Paul Hornsby, I am thrilled to be a part of the team taking Capricorn Studios and API into the next era of recording great music.”

Daily management and chief engineer roles are carried by Rob Evans, another Mercer graduate. “Evans says that in 2016, when Gregg Allman was receiving an honorary degree, he told president Underwood, ‘The room is perfect. Don’t change a thing.’ He also said, ‘Get an analog console,’ so we’ve honored Gregg’s request.”

“We were honored to be a part of the Grand Opening festivities in December. It is gratifying to see the original API console from the 70’s being replaced by a new API console, keeping the heritage and legend of this studio alive,” said Larry Droppa, President of API. “We’re excited to have the opportunity to hear the new music that is going to come out of the facility. A huge thank you from the music community to Mercer University for having the vision to move forward and keep this dream alive.”

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Latitude Pay Now Avaliable at AWAVE

AWAVE provides multiple payment options from Latitude Financial Services. To read about other options from Latitude click here.

Good stuff happens now

Latitude Pay is now available at AWAVE!

Latitude pay is and exciting new way to pay. Shop at your favourite stores, online or in person. Buy the things you love to empower the life you want and pay just 10% upfront with LatitudePay.

There are zero surprises with LatitudePay. It does what it says on the box: 10 weekly payments instead of all at once. No interest, and no waiting for your new gear or great experience, just wonderful-ness.

Get set up in minutes

Sign up is super simple and if approved you can start using LatitudePay straight away.

No interest. Never ever

Latitude pay won’t charge you interest, and you won’t pay any fees when you pay on time. Payments are automated, plus Latitude will remind you.

Now’s good

No more waiting for weeks for what you want today, get it now and pay over 10 weekly payments. When you’re inspired, strike like a cobra. A shopping cobra.


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MOTU Introduce M2 and M4 UBC-C Audio Interfaces

MOTU Introduce M2 and M4 UBC-C Audio Interfaces

When shopping for an audio interface, singer/songwriters and podcasters oftentimes don’t need the full gamut of features. They want a reliable, easy-to-use unit that sounds great. That’s exactly what MOTU’s latest offerings give you — a streamlined design, high-level performance, and top-notch sound. This series of budget-conscious and high-quality USB-C audio interfaces includes the 2-in/2-out M2 and the 4-in/4-out M4.

Class-topping Sound Quality

When it comes to audio quality, the M2 and M4 are at the top of their class. They boast ESS Sabre32 Ultra DAC technology (the same D/A as MOTU’s flagship 1248), delivering unbelievable clarity with 120dB of dynamic range. Both models include MOTU’s transparent-sounding mic preamps, low-noise DC-coupled analog outputs, and an ESS-driven headphone output. Their latency specs are impressive, yielding round-trip latency as low as 2.5ms at 32-bit/96kHz. Whether you’re recording, mixing, or just listening, you can expect top-level sound from these audio interfaces.

Front of M4 Audio Interface

Podcasting Made Easy

MOTU’s M2 and M4 are tailor-made for livestreaming and podcasting, thanks to their loopback function. This enables you to blend your mic and other input signals with your computer’s output and then send the blended signal back to your computer, where it can be recorded. The M4 takes this functionality to a higher level with the inclusion of a Mix knob that balances your live input with your computer’s playback.

Back of M4 Audio Interface

Zero-latency Hardware Monitoring

Recording with the M2 and M4 is a pleasure, by virtue of their 1-touch hardware monitoring capability. This feature routes all the interface’s analog inputs directly to its analog outputs, thereby granting you zero-latency operation. The result? No annoying delay between what you play, sing, or say and what you are hearing in your headphones. You can also record the interface’s inputs simultaneously, which supplies zero latency while tracking.

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Focal Trio11 Be – The Loudspeaker Dedicated to Nearfield and Midfield

Focal Trio11 Be – The Loudspeaker Dedicated to Nearfield and Midfield

As well as new speaker drivers (a 5” midrange and a 10” subwoofer) with high efficiency and power handling, the Trio11 Be monitor enjoys all of Focal’s very latest technologies when it comes to acoustics and electronics: TMD and NIC technologies; optimised vents that promote dynamic control and perfect bass definition; high excursion, enabling even more linearity of the subwoofer…

Thanks to its class G amplification, Trio11 Be delivers a high SPL (118dB at 1m) and offers a great versatility of use and installation configurations in nearfield AND midfield applications. A key asset, always coming along with an extremely precise sound reproduction and stereo image.

With an extended bandwidth (30 Hz-40 kHz), this loudspeaker is also composed of a 3-way monitor and a 2-way monitor, just like Trio6 Be, which lets you check the mix transfer sound quality thanks to FOCUS mode.

With Trio11 Be, power and versatility are waiting for you!

Feel the difference!

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Neve AMS at Awave

Neve AMS at Awave

With a reputation for creating the world’s sweetest sounding and longest-lasting analogue and digital consoles, the most discerning artists, producers and facility
owners regard our products as number one for desirability on their equipment list,
and have done for the past fifty years.

AMS Neve is a dedicated, engineering-led and privately owned Company whose continuing mission is to provide the best possible sound, capability and operational
experience for the most creative people in the world – whether it be for film,
recorded music, or TV and broadcast.

All of our products are designed and built in England in our purpose built,
integrated facility. Close supervision of the entire process by the
product designers ensures the finest performance possible.
Recognised by all the premier bodies in the various fields of music, TV and film, the products and their designers have been honoured by two Scientific and Engineering Academy® Awards, an Emmy™ and a Grammy™ amongst many others. We have
pioneered a very large number of the ground-breaking techniques in the industry
including hard disk editing, digital console technology, digital audio for film, microprocessor controlled effects units and standards such as MADI.

In the transient world of short product life cycles, AMS Neve’s products stand the
test of time. In addition to being designed and built to last, our long-standing policy
of offering continuing upgrades to take advantage of the latest technology and
techniques on many products means obsolescence is minimised. The value in your
AMS Neve equipment remains long after the alternatives are in landfill. A large
proportion of all the products we have ever made are still in daily use and many
have achieved iconic, dearly loved and valuable status.

A sound investment indeed.

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Awave Mix It with FOCAL SM9 Trade In Deal (Limited Time Only)

Awave Mix It with FOCAL SM9 Trade In Deal (Limited Time Only)

Get a pair of amazing Focal SM9 Studio Monitors for $5999.00, when you trade ANY eligible model from brands including  ADAM, DYN-AUDIO, KRK, EVENT, GENELEC, EVE, BAREFOOT, QUESTED, FOCAL, MACKIE, PMC, UNITY AUDIO, YAMAHA.*

These professional studio monitors normally retail for $12,398 A PAIR!

Call Awave on 03 9813 1833 or email to organise you trade in deal today, before stock runs out.

*All monitors traded must be in pairs. Subject to full working & cosmetic condition – offer is limited while stocks last



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Undertone Audio In Stock at Awave

Undertone Audio_Awave

Undertone Audio In Stock at Awave

There are a few limitations of the original Fairchild that we set out to address. First, we have made careful adjustments to the circuitry that greatly improve the lifespan and reliability of the tubes. Additionally, we’ve added a whole host of exciting new features that have never before been available on a Fairchild. The UnFairchild sports 6 original preset Time Constants and 4 variable Time Constants (attack and release), MS function, side chain processing, a true bypass, fine adjustment of left/right balance, user adjustable “DC Threshold”, and “Feed-Back” vs. “Feed-Forward” functionality. With the UnFairchild, we’ve made this extraordinary circuit flexible enough to handle pretty much every compression task on any style of music.

Checkout the Unfarichild 670M II and more below.

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In The Spotlight BAE Audio


Based in Southern California, BAE build hand-wired transformer-balanced outboard recording gear faithful to classic English and American designs.
We stock all BAE Audio’s extensive product range here at Awave which you can view here:

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Whitestone Audio Instruments Add an EVL Version of their P331 Tube Loading Amplifier

Whitestone Audio Instruments Add an EVL Version of their P331 Tube Loading Amplifier

Both the Whitestone Audio P331 Tube Loading Amplifier and its “EVL twin” were developed to bring professional tracking, mix and mastering engineers versatile, elegant, precise and repeatable audio circuit variation. These are high-fidelity, hybrid vacuum tube /solid-state audio enhancement devices. They’re identical in their signal flow and control circuits, however we designed the P331-EVL to be more direct…more forward…less “polite” in its presentation.

So what are the differences?

Well let’s start with what’s the same. Like the original P331, the EVL version utilizes digitally controlled analog for all controls. Left/Right coherence is every bit as precise. The fully-differential solid-state output amplifier is unchanged. The LIFT circuit is also identical in both units, however, since the lifted frequencies are affected by the harmonics generated by the LOADING section…LIFT on the EVL will not sound exactly the same as the original P331.

The fully-differential tube LOADING amplifier in the EVL starts from a much different point. While the LOADING control is functionally the same as the original P331 in that it controls the 6SN7 tube’s operating point, it’s being pushed much harder from the start. It’s not like a distorted guitar amp…it’s still “mastering appropriate”. It’s simply a different, more forward “feel” than the original P331.

The XFORMER section is where the most differentiation occurs. We’re driving WAY more current at the transformers …forcing them much further into saturation. The result is a more pronounced low-end presence, thrust and punch without becoming stuffy or losing clarity.

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Nordic Audio Labs NU-100K Condenser Microphone

Nordic Audio Labs NU-100K Condenser Microphone

The NU-100K is our latest and most ambitious microphone. We think of it as a new color on the palette of the audio artist… and nothing short of revolutionary. How is it different?

Most high-end studio microphones do one thing exceptionally well. The classic ribbon microphones support voices with depth and richness, but they often disappoint on the high end. Condenser microphones highlight details and capture crispness, but they fail to match the warmth of a ribbon.

Unlike these traditional options, the NU-100K is a new breed of condenser microphone. Due to unprecedented design choices such as an aluminum diaphragm, it has the unique ability to secure crispness and detail (like a good condenser) without sacrificing the silky smoothness and sonic authority we’ve come to expect from the best ribbon microphones.

The result is a truly distinctive sound that will leave you astonished by its captivating beauty and true to life authenticity.

Available in three colours, black/black, grey/gold, and gold/gold.

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Rhodes – Festive Times

Rhodes – Festive Times

In this festive edition we bring you Reuben James’ Yuletide jam on the MK8 prototype; a feature on Axel Hartmann, the industrial designer behind the MK8 piano; our interview with Snarky Puppy’s Bill Laurance and an invitation to Ronnie Scott’s to meet the MK8 piano in January.



From working with Waldorf, Moog and Roland, iconic industrial designer Axel Hartmann recalls his earliest memories of a Rhodes piano and how he approached the MK8 design.

Read more…


Always wanted your questions answered by the man behind the piano?

If you’re based in the UK, we have 150 tickets to give away to this unique free event at legendary jazz venue: Ronnie Scott’s, London.

There will be a MK8 demonstration and live ‘question and answer’ session on Saturday 29 January at 14:00 with Bluey and Matt from Incognito and Rhodes CPO Dan Goldman.

Get tickets!


After gracing the Rhodes factory as our first VIP artist visit, we circled back and caught up with Snarky Puppy’s Bill Laurance. In this interview, we invited him to tell us all about his Rhodes story and when it began.

Read more


With a stunning array of finishes to choose from, you can have your MK8, your way.

Translucent lids, panel choices and optional Rhodes custom effects: visit the Rhodes customiser and design your MK8 electric piano.


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LEIPZIG V3 at Awave

LEIPZIG V3 at Awave

  • Pure analogue voice and modulation circuitry.

  • Fat analogue Moog style transistor ladder filter – 24db/Octave 4 pole.

  • Two analogue VCOs with individual Glide (portamento).

  • Sub-VCO for extra depth and power.

  • Osc Sync & Cross-Mod.

  • Option to overdrive the mixer and filter.

  • Plenty of modulation routing possibilities.

  • Versatile analogue CV step sequencer – with plenty of clocking options.

  • 16 step note sequencer, with transpose feature.

  • Use the analogue sequencer as a modulation source.

  • Versatile CV patch bay.

  • Rugged steel/aluminium construction.

  • MIDI In for DAW/software sequencing.

  • Headphone output.

  • All the sound character of the renowned previous version Leipzig-S.

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THE RHODES MK8 – Pre-Order Now!


EMAIL US to customize your pre-order now!


Harold Rhodes’ legendary electro-mechanical tine piano returns. Precision built in the UK with the finest hand-selected materials.

Optimising the iconic sound of the Rhodes piano, the MK8 offers considerable improvements in tone, touch, intonation and dynamics. All critical components – including tines, pickups, dampers and pedal mechanism – have been redesigned from the ground up, using only the highest quality materials and the very best in contemporary manufacturing techniques.

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Audient Console Serves As A ‘Creative Hub’

Audient Console Serves As A ‘Creative Hub’

Producer and writer, Dominick Goldsmith has been getting to know his new ASP4816 over the last few weeks. One third of the London band, HAELOS, he’s been spending a lot of time in his home studio finishing off the latest HAELOS EP Somnum, as well as completing a number of other EPs with artists to be released via his new imprint, Indigo Kin.

“ASP4816 gets big-ups for the intuitive layout that allows one to flow”

Located in a purpose-built cabin at the bottom of his garden Dom’s home studio is where he gets creative. “I work with a mixture of analogue synths from Roland, Sequential and Korg mingled with an array of Eurorack modular,” he explains.

“The monitoring position is pretty good, however due to the cubed shape of the space, towards the edges it is much less true. With my synth collection being towards the sides this keeps me moving to reference truly how things are sitting. That is where the desk is obviously, so it works okay in terms of workflow. I also have tie lines to the house so we can record sessions in the living room and use the studio as a control room.”

Getting out of the box

The compact mixing console from Audient has been working out very well for him, especially as he prefers not to spend hours at a computer screen. “I like to use my hands and ears the most,” he says, emphasising how ASP4816 is ideal for the way he works. “It is my creative hub. It acts as the central brain that I can route everything through. Sometimes using the Eurorack as a signal processor, the ASP4816’s array of auxes become another musical instrument in my tracking process.”

“It acts as the central brain that I can route everything through”

In spite of – or perhaps thanks to – working with analogue consoles for 15 years, it’s still the simple things that he appreciates about his ASP4816. “The control room source selection is great because it allows me to keep everything analogue and leave the computer and DAW out of things for a little while at the beginning of the creative process. It’s such a simple feature, but not one I had enjoyed prior to this in my own setup.” He adds, “The ASP4816 gets big-ups for the intuitive layout that allows one to flow.”

Branching out

Dom will have ample opportunity to flow as he uses his studio to record artists signed by his brand new label, Indigo Kin. Fostering a “fiercely artist-friendly attitude that is inclusive and sustainable in supporting talent”, the label has just launched its first artist, Bea. “Influenced by soul music and electronic genres, it’s been a joy making music with her over the last two years. You can find Blue Escape on Spotify now which has been getting some great support on editorial playlists and just had its first spin on Radio 1 thanks to Jack Saunders’ early support,” he says.

“The other founding artist for the label is Berlin alt-electronic outfit, LEOI. They have a nostalgia for late noughties bands like Animal Collective or Yeasayer.” The first release from LEOI was out in late September and Bea’s next single is available as of 1st October.

Incredibly, this is not all. For the last eight years Dom has been working on LARKO JOY which is to be released Q1 2022. “It’ll be nice to get some of that music out of the studio, finally.” So, what with that, the rest of the EP from Bea, the first music from LEOI and possibly even a HAELOS single still to come out this year, Dom and his Audient ASP4816 have a lot to look forward to. (See below record artwork for LEOI, LARKO JOY and Bea)