BURL Audio 2024 Songwriting Competition Winners Announced!

BURL Audio 2024 Songwriting Competition Winners Announced!

The much-anticipated results of the BURL Audio 2024 Songwriting Competition are here! We are thrilled to announce the top three winners who have captivated our judges with their exceptional talent and creativity.


  1. Fadhli Faizal – Binerica
    • Song: “Come Together”
  2. Lehnen Raphael
    • Song: “Together”
  3. Kieran Campbell (Feat. Grace Desbarats)
    • Song: “Come Together”

Meet the Winners

Fadhli Faizal
Fadhli is an advertising creative by day and a passionate songwriter/producer by night. Hailing from Jakarta, Indonesia, he delved into digital music production during the Covid pandemic. His dedication to producing, composing, and mixing music from his bedroom led to the launch of his first album under the moniker ‘Binerica’ in 2022. The debut album, Lima Dimensi, received significant media attention for its collaboration with various visual artists within Indonesia’s NFT community. Fadhli is currently working on a second album for Binerica and preparing the debut album for his instrumental band, Cosmic Trip, where he also serves as a bass player and recording/mixing engineer.

Lehnen Raphael
Born and raised in Oakland, CA, in a multicultural Haitian and German home, Lehnen Raphael’s music reflects his search for balance and self-discovery. His songs explore themes of loneliness, peace, failure, growth, grief, and overcoming challenges. Lehnen combines blues, soul, R&B, and hip hop to create a fluid and dynamic musical style. His music is a journey, capturing the infinite nature of change and the compass of growth.

Kieran Campbell
A Canadian indie alt folk singer-songwriter from Victoria, British Columbia, Kieran Campbell is known for his instantly recognizable sound. Influenced by American singer-songwriters Townes Van Zandt and Dave Van Ronk, Kieran captivates audiences across generations. Currently, he is holding a residency in Tofino, BC, while completing his next EP and working on new songs set for release in the coming year. Kieran’s mantra, “All it takes is one song,” has guided him to create a powerful and poised catalogue of original music. His latest release, an EP titled Lover or Whatever, is available everywhere.

Congratulations to all the winners! 🎶✨

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