Creating a Future Classic • The Story of PolyBrute 12

Creating a Future Classic • The Story of PolyBrute 12

Hear from Julien Viannenc about the Unique Playing Modes and Development of the FullTouch® Keyboard

PolyBrute 12

Where did the idea of FullTouch® come from?

The journey began with the original PolyBrute, a time when no Poly Aftertouch keybed was available on the market. About six years ago, we started building our own keybed using capacitive sensors. This led to the realization that there was more potential, prompting us to research and develop the FullTouch® play modes.

What makes FullTouch® unique?

While Polyphonic Aftertouch tracks key pressure only at the bottom of the range, FullTouch® offers aftertouch expression across the entire key movement range. This capability invites incredibly dynamic composition, making it irreplaceable.

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Our Product Manager with PolyBrute 12

What were the obstacles you had to overcome to create the FullTouch® keyboard?

Designing a keybed is complex, with factors like spring stiffness, key weight, rebound, and aftertouch resistance all contributing to its feel. The precision required for aftertouch must remain accurate across all keys for many years. To achieve this, we carefully selected materials and assembly processes.


What is your favorite feature as a musician?

We aimed to make a synthesizer as expressive as an acoustic instrument. The FullTouch modes, especially the Envelope mode, exemplify this. This unique feature allows triggering both plucky and legato-like sounds by simply changing the momentum of your play.

Thoughts on PolyBrute 12 Now that It’s Complete

I am incredibly proud and happy with the feedback we are receiving. Though relieved, I am motivated to take it to the next level. There is always room for improvement, and we are never tired of trying to fill that space.

PolyBrute Connect Update

The latest update to PolyBrute Connect introduces a preset browser with enhanced search and management capabilities, along with a new light theme for PolyBrute and PolyBrute 12. It offers easy preset management between hardware and software projects with a new two-column view and more.

PolyBrute is now MPE Compatible

MPE compatibility allows controlling each voice of the PolyBrute with its own aftertouch, pitch bend, and slide parameters. This feature can be used with an MPE-compatible controller or by sending MPE MIDI clips to it. This new addition brings the highest level of MIDI expressivity to our already highly playable analog synth.