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Mammoth Audio Launches Density Virtual Instrument

Mammoth Audio Launches Density Virtual Instrument

A groundbreaking experimental virtual instrument loaded with over 1500 organic One-Shot samples and 3 fully Playable Instruments, DENSITY simplifies the composing and sound design process into one intuitive GUI.


  • Over 1500 One-Shots

  • 3 Playable Instruments

  • Customisable Macro System

  • Loop Section

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Introducing Slate Raven 3.7

Introducing Slate Raven 3.7

“This might be the coolest feature ever added to a control surface.”
– Paul Wolff ⚡


We had some of the industry’s biggest pros beta test RAVEN 3.7. Their reactions? Overwhelming. They were astounded by the amount of time they were able to save using Batch Gestures.

Batch Gestures enable pros to execute complex batches of DAW tasks using classic multi-touch gestures. What once took hours of clicking can now be accomplished with the swipe of a hand 👋

Once you experience Batch Gestures, you won’t be able to mix without it. To make this update even better, RAVEN 3.7 is now COMPATIBLE WITH WINDOWS AND ABLETON.

Cubase 10.5 users can now update and utilize the new Cubase 10.5 MixConsole track colors with the RAVEN Internal Mixer in RAVEN 3.7.

Finally, RAVEN 3.7 added the “Auto Save” feature so now any adjustments made to your layout are automatically saved and stored as the user default.

Batch Gestures Setup Videos:
👉 MacOS
👉 Windows

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Digital Performer 10 is now shipping

Digital Performer 10 is now shipping

Digital Performer version 10 is now shipping with dozens of exciting new features, including the Clips window for live triggering and looping of audio and MIDI clips, Stretch Audio powered by industry-leading ZTX PRO™ technology, VCA faders, a new convenient Content Browser, VST3 plug-in support, scalable UI, Run command (shift-spacebar) and a 5 GB soundbank containing hundreds of virtual instruments.


Digital Performer 10 will ship Q1, 2019 for macOS (64-bit-only) and Windows 10/8/7 (64- or 32-bit).

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Steven Slate Drums 5 is Finally Here

Steven Slate Drums 5 is Finally Here

Dear Slate Customers,

Fifteen years ago, there was no Slate Digital, No Virtual Analog-Modeled Plugins, and no touchscreen consoles.

There was just Drums. Steven Slate Drums.

My drum samples became a staple for pro mixers around the globe and launched my career in pro audio. And that’s why I’m so happy to finally announce the release of our new flagship Virtual Drum Instrument, SSD5.

SSD5 has been built from the ground up. It’s so easy to use you don’t even need to read the manual. But most importantly, we have a new state-of-the-art drum physically-modeled playback algorithm that recreates the sound of real drum parts. Simple round robin is a thing of the past… now each drum dissolves into the next just like a real acoustic drum kit.

Click above to check out the SSD5 launch video, which features six new Deluxe 2 kits in all styles.

SSD5 is debuting at a special price until November 30th when it goes back to its normal price.
Don’t miss this offer to get one of the most versatile and best sounding Drum VI’s in the industry!

Here’s a Full List of Every New Feature and Update in SSD5:
  • New Deluxe 2 drum library with more than 50 new instruments including 10 new kicks, 10 new snares, and even a few percussion instruments. All the drums are unique and have two stereo room layers each
  • New SSD5 physically modeled drum playback algorithm ensures that each drum part sounds extremely natural, authentic, and real
  • Classic Slate Drums, Deluxe 1 Drums, and ALL Expansion pack drums (CLA, Blackbird, etc) have been re-done using the new SSD5 physically modeled drum playback algorithm
  • New GUI with a better layout and better functionality. Easy to understand and navigate, even without the manual.
  • Using Drum Kit view, or Pads/Cells View you can now load up to 32 drum instruments simultaneously along with up to 32 user one-shots.
  • Super powerful and easy routing to your DAW with AUX channels, routing manager, and routing presets.
  • Group selection of mixer strips to adjust parameters of different mics simultaneously
  • New solo/mute logic in Mixer with hotkeys for instant un-solo and unmute.
  • Phase now can be flipped not only on selected mics but also on a whole instrument. Gives you the possibility to flip all mics in the instrument, but, for instance, subsequently flip the close mics
  • Reworked mapping. Everything in the kit preset is easily mappable and remappable plus there is an input converter to load mapping presets for popular formats
  • New groove library with more than 1000 new grooves.  Grooves are unique and come in a lot of styles played by great drummers. New grooves are played by the new groove player, where you can adjust the dynamics and speed of grooves and ‘drag and drop’ modified grooves into your DAW
  • Drums audition has been greatly improved. Audition just by clicking on a drum instrument
  • Now you can change the balance of direct mics vs ambient mics for sample audition in the browser
  • Master volume for plugin output added
  • Resampling quality is improved
  • Retina support added
  • VERY BIG – new shaping section. ADSR, where you can adjust A, D and R curves and S volume. Allows you to emulate transient shapers and compressors. Also gives endless possibilities for sound design


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MOTU Introducing Digital Performer 9.5

Motu Digital Performer 9.5

MOTU Introducing Digital Performer 9.5


CAMBRIDGE, MA — Tuesday, September 12, 2017. MOTU is now shipping Digital Performer 9.5, a free update at for all DP9 owners. Version 9.5 introduces ZTX PRO™ technology: cutting-edge audio time-stretching and pitch-shifting DSP developed and refined through years of advanced R&D by the renowned engineering team at Zynaptiq GmbH (

ZTX PRO time-stretching

ZTX PRO has been deployed throughout Digital Performer 9.5 wherever audio time-stretching can be applied and produces dramatically improved results, even when slowing down or speeding up audio by extreme amounts. Users will experience state-of-the-art time-stretching quality on any type of audio material: drum loops, solo instruments, multi-timbral material, vocals, full mixes, mono, stereo, n-channel, etc. Users can easily conform imported loops and audio clips to their project tempo, apply wholesale tempo adjustments to entire mixes, create conductor track tempo maps (including gradual tempo changes) and many other operations that alter the length and speed of audio clips.

ZTX PRO pitch-shifting and relative pitch editing

ZTX PRO pitch-shifting provides extremely high-quality pitch-shifting on both monophonic and multi-timbral audio material, even full mixes. Formant-corrected or standard pitch-shifting can be applied as desired. Global preferences can be set, with the ability to specify the pitch-shifting mode for any individual audio clip. A new relative pitch editing layer in the Sequence Editor allows users to graphically transpose any audio material up or down by interval using a draggable pitch bar or a pencil tool for fine-tuned pitch correction, adding or removing vibrato and so on.

ZTX PRO quality presets

ZTX PRO quality presets allow users to achieve the best results for a wide variety of audio material, including “solo” for monophonic material and “efficient” for fast processing that adapts variably to the characteristics of the audio signal. PureDSP pitch-shifting has been preserved as an additional option, as it often produces best results on solo vocals (or other monophonic instruments), especially when fine-tuning vocals.

Effect performance

DP 9.5 also adds a new Effect Performance window, which monitors the processing load of all currently instantiated virtual instruments and effects plug-ins, allowing users to identify and manage plug-ins that impose high processing demands on their computer. Plug-ins can be sorted by name, processor load or the exact location (bar and beat) in the sequence time line at which they reach peak processing. Each plug-in is identified as either pre-gen or real-time, with hints as to why any plug-ins are currently running in real time.


DP 9.5 is now available as a free download for all DP9 owners at Anyone else can run the same free download as a 30-day trial version. Upgrades from previous versions, or a competitive DAW, are available in the MOTU store here:

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All The Latest From Source Audio

Source Audio Logo

All The Latest From Source Audio

The Neuro Desktop Editor is Available for Download

Let the Sound Sculpting Begin!
Your Nemesis Delay just picked up some serious muscle. The Neuro Desktop Editor is a powerful software editing tool that features a deep set of effect editing parameters and additional effect engines for your Nemesis Delay, L.A. Lady Overdrive, Kingmaker Fuzz, and AfterShock Bass Distortion. It is a free download for Mac or Windows PCs – go to the Downloads page and grab it today.

And this is just the beginning – in coming months we will introduce Neuro Desktop control panels for the Vertigo Tremolo, Lunar Phaser, Gemini Chorus, Mercury Flanger, Neuro Hub, and of course, our soon-to-be-released Ventris Reverb. The Neuro Desktop makes it easy to sculpt highly customized presets and save them directly to the pedal or share them with other musicians. Check out the video below for an in-depth look at how the Neuro Desktop Editor works with the Nemesis Delay…

Watch Our Step-By-Step Video Tutorial on Using the Neuro Desktop Editor with Your Nemesis Delay:

You should also check out our line-by-line breakdown of the Neuro Desktop Editor. This blog includes descriptions for every knob, button, and dropdown menu the Neuro Desktop has to offer.


Come Visit Us at Summer NAMM 2017 and Win A Ventris Reverb

We are seriously looking forward to our annual trip to Nashville, TN for Summer NAMM 2017! This year is going to be a blast – we’re getting very close to the release of our Ventris Reverb and the newest prototype will be in the booth for your listening pleasure. We’ll also be giving away a Ventris Reverb – if you post a photo of the Ventris from the NAMM floor to your Instagram or Facebook page, you will be entered to win a Source Audio One Series pedal of your choice. Click the “How To Win” button for more info. We’ll be in booth #855 – see you in Nashville!!


Source Audio: On the Road with John Mayer

All of us at Source Audio were very excited to learn that our pedals will be traveling with Mr. John Mayer this summer on his The Search For Everything Tour. It’s true, John is rocking the Source Audio Programmable EQ and his backing guitarist/vocalist, David Ryan Harris plugs into the Nemesis Delay. We learned all of this after some significant social media surfing. Read our blogto see a few choice Instagram posts, one from our old friend Bob Bradshaw, and a couple more from John and David themselves…


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Ableton Push 2 Bundle

Ableton Push 2 Bundle

Available while stocks last. Ableton is offering a fantastic bundled deal of Ableton Suite 9 with Push 2. At just $1599.00 this is a serious saving on industry-leading software and hardware.

The Push 2 controller offers you a matrix of 64 velocity- and pressure-sensitive pads surrounded by additional control tools that let you transition effortlessly between setting up your session, laying down individual grooves, and putting it all together into a final mix. A high-detail display lets you browse comfortably and stay on top of parameters, beat slicing, and more, so you never need to look at your computer. Top it off with all of the instruments, processors, and onboard functions of the full Ableton Live 9.5 Suite, and you have an ideal music-creation workstation.

View below for more information and to purchase.


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MOTU Digital Performer 9.1 Now Shipping

MOTU Digital Performer 9.1 Now Shipping

MOTU Digital Performer 9.1 Now Shipping

MOTU Digital Performer 9.1 now shipping as a free update for all DP9 owners. If you don’t own DP yet, you can run the free download as a 30-day trial version. The 9.1 release introduces two new plug-ins, significant performance optimizations and dozens of workflow enhancements.

Next-gen Pre-gen™ engine — DP’s Next-generation Pre-gen engine transparently pre-renders audio output from virtual instruments and plug-ins to dramatically reduce their CPU load, allowing you to run many times the number of plug-ins and virtual instruments than in previous versions.

Reduced latency on OS X — DP’s host buffer latency has been cut in half, resulting in industry-leading overall latency performance. In a round-trip latency (RTL) test using a MOTU 1248 Thunderbolt audio interface, DP achieves roundtrip latency of 1.6 ms with a 32 sample buffer at 96 kHz.

Enhanced Windows drivers — The latency of the WASAPI (Windows Audio) driver has been significantly reduced. This improves audio I/O latency and virtual instrument performance. The CPU load of the sample rate conversion used in the Windows Audio driver has also been substantially reduced.

Small buffer optimization — DP’s MOTU Audio System (MAS) engine processing has been optimized to better support operation at smaller buffer sizes (for both Mac and Windows), for even lower latency performance overall.

Hardware Insert plug-in — DP’s new Hardware Insert plug-in functions just like other DP effects plug-ins, but loops the channel’s audio signal to a piece of outboard hardware, with latency compensation, for external processing. This allows you to easily incorporate outboard gear into your DP effects chains.

SMPTE-Z plug-in — The new SMPTE-Z plug-in generates Longitudinal Time Code (LTC) while locked to DP’s timeline or while running independently in Freewheel mode. Time code can be routed anywhere via the audio track’s output assignment, allowing you to achieve accurate time code sync in a wide variety of situations.

Workflow enhancements — Dozens of additional workflow enhancements include a new pre/post fader metering option, faster switching between large sequence chunks, simplified audio hardware settings, improved compatibility with Avid Artist Mix and other Eucon control surfaces, and much more.

If you already own DP 9. Click here to download version 9.1

Try DP 9 free for 30 days

Or purchase below:

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NI Komplete 11 Pre Order Now

NI Komplete 11 Pre Order Now

AWAVE is excited to announce that Komplete 11 by Native Instruments is now available for pre-order.

Komplete 11 is a state of the art production suite that offers a massive variety of sounds, instruments and effects. It provides  a comprehensive collection for any production task and all genres of music.

A long-established must-have for pro studios, KOMPLETE 11 is everything you need to define your sound without limits.

NI Komplete 11 is available in a variety of bundle and upgrade options. A suitable option can be found for the most humble musician/ producer all the way up to the most state of the art facilities.

View below to find an option that best suits your requirements and budget.