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Avantone at Awave

Avantone at Awave

It is our belief that great audio products can be created without charging thousands of dollars for them. Our microphones and speakers are used in studios around the world- From home project studios to world renowned multi million dollar facilities. We are very sensitive to the real-world operating budgets of studios as well as the struggling artist/songwriters who are very passionate about creating great music but have budget limitations based on common sense spending. Now even those on a budget can get world class sound in their studios.

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Latitude Pay Now Avaliable at AWAVE

AWAVE provides multiple payment options from Latitude Financial Services. To read about other options from Latitude click here.

Good stuff happens now

Latitude Pay is now available at AWAVE!

Latitude pay is and exciting new way to pay. Shop at your favourite stores, online or in person. Buy the things you love to empower the life you want and pay just 10% upfront with LatitudePay.

There are zero surprises with LatitudePay. It does what it says on the box: 10 weekly payments instead of all at once. No interest, and no waiting for your new gear or great experience, just wonderful-ness.

Get set up in minutes

Sign up is super simple and if approved you can start using LatitudePay straight away.

No interest. Never ever

Latitude pay won’t charge you interest, and you won’t pay any fees when you pay on time. Payments are automated, plus Latitude will remind you.

Now’s good

No more waiting for weeks for what you want today, get it now and pay over 10 weekly payments. When you’re inspired, strike like a cobra. A shopping cobra.


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Introducing Slate Raven 3.7

Introducing Slate Raven 3.7

“This might be the coolest feature ever added to a control surface.”
– Paul Wolff ⚡


We had some of the industry’s biggest pros beta test RAVEN 3.7. Their reactions? Overwhelming. They were astounded by the amount of time they were able to save using Batch Gestures.

Batch Gestures enable pros to execute complex batches of DAW tasks using classic multi-touch gestures. What once took hours of clicking can now be accomplished with the swipe of a hand 👋

Once you experience Batch Gestures, you won’t be able to mix without it. To make this update even better, RAVEN 3.7 is now COMPATIBLE WITH WINDOWS AND ABLETON.

Cubase 10.5 users can now update and utilize the new Cubase 10.5 MixConsole track colors with the RAVEN Internal Mixer in RAVEN 3.7.

Finally, RAVEN 3.7 added the “Auto Save” feature so now any adjustments made to your layout are automatically saved and stored as the user default.

Batch Gestures Setup Videos:
👉 MacOS
👉 Windows

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Slate Black Friday Sale – Raven MTi2, Raven MTZ & Core Station Desk

Slate Black Friday Sale – Raven MTi2, Raven MTZ & Core Station Desk


Over the past three decades, the entire recording studio ecosystem has shifted from a tactile analog environment to a virtual digital environment which rests upon a computer screen.

In 2012, Slate Media Technology realized that in order to get the most immersive studio workflow, no better solution existed than to turn the screen into a world-class control surface. So we created the RAVEN, a multi-touch monitor that integrates seamlessly with digital audio workstation software.

RAVENs are now found in top studios around the globe, including those of Snoop,, Steve Aoki, Mark Needham, Dolly Parton, and many more.

Now in 2019, we’re proud to announce the next evolution of the large format professional RAVEN Series, the RAVEN MTZ

The MTZ boasts a 43″ projective capacitance no-bezel panel with TEN ultra-accurate multi-touch points. With a depth of only 1.5″, the MTZ is sleek, ergonomic, and the ultimate solution for the modern professional studio.

We are proud to announce that the first RAVEN MTZ will be installed in the world-famous NRG Recording Studios Mix Room C, where it will replace an older large-format analog console.

The MTZ will have multiple desk options made by top manufacturers such as Zaor, Argosy, Sterling Modular, and more.


In the past decade, the technological revolution has transformed audio into a medium that is produced and delivered in the digital domain. Powerful Digital Audio Workstations have transferred the entire recording studio into a virtual environment where all elements of the studio appear conveniently on a computer screen. But what has been lacking with the modern digital studio, is the same powerful workflow as what was accomplished on tactile mixing consoles. So back in 2012, Slate Media Technology came up with a solution. If the entire production studio was on a computer screen, why not turn the actual computer screen INTO a world class control surface? And the RAVEN series of Multi-Touch consoles was born. Soon the RAVEN would be the preferred control surfaces of major studios, engineers, producers, artists, and educational institutions like Mark Needham, Terry Lewis,, Jimmy Douglass, Snoop Dogg, Steve Aoki, Full Sail University, and SAE.

We are proud to offer the newest addition to the RAVEN series, the MTi2. The MTi2 has all of the powerful features of its predecessors, but at a cost that is the same as most regular high end 27” computer monitors!

The RAVEN MTi2 is a state of the art 27” Multi-Touch Production Console featuring a state of the art multi-touch panel and the powerful new RAVEN 3.0 Control Software.  Using the RAVEN MTi2, users have access to multi-touch faders, pans, sends, and tweak plugins with their fingers as if they were real hardware.  The RAVEN 3.0 Control Software also features a user-customizable multi-function TOOLBAR and the award-winning BATCH COMMAND SYSTEM, a powerful automated task application that will save audio engineers hours per day by cutting out tedious technical tasks.


The RAVEN CORE STATION offers professional audio engineers with a complete production console ecosystem that is configurable to their needs with up to two world-class RAVEN touch panels, a Slate Control Monitoring system, an award-winning RAVEN software that turns all major DAWs into a world-class control surface. The CORE Station features a modular design that accommodates multiple configurations. Standard included components allow for single setup with a centered MTi2 or a dual setup housing two MTi2’s. A 3rd configuration allows the user to pair a single MTi2 with a four rack space accessory panel which will be sold separately. Each CORE Station desk includes a cutout for the Slate Control analog monitoring controller on the right-hand side. A blank plate is included for use without the Slate Control. The CORE Station features a standard satin black finish with silver RAVEN side panels. The desk is a modular design and assembles with ease.
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Rupert Neve Designs 5088 – Sound Without Compromise

Rupert Neve Designs 5088 – Sound Without Compromise

Sound Without Compromise

To stay current in the recording business you must be able to continuously adapt your environment to the needs at hand. Because the 5088 is completely modular, channel strips and Portico processing modules like EQ, microphone preamplification and dynamics can be added or removed to meet constantly changing demands and eliminate the massive redundancies of consoles from yesteryear. If you don’t need it, your console doesn’t need it either.

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Slate Digital – A Very Bad Idea for a Review Video

Slate Digital – A Very Bad Idea for a Review Video

The VRS8 Interface has received so many incredible reviews that we thought it would be a good idea to have our CEO, Steven Slate, read a few of them in this video.

Turns out it was a terrible idea, as you can see above.

For a limited time, you can get the VRS8 along with a FREE award-winning VMS ML-1 Modeling Microphone as well as a full year of the All Access Pass. That’s over $100,000 worth of virtual microphones, dozens of incredible virtual analog plugins, masterclasses, and more!

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Moog Model D – Official Add-On For The Prophet X & XL

Moog Model D – Official Add-On For The Prophet X & XL

Sequential Prophet X/XL Add-On 8 Model D overview

We are incredibly excited to announce our eighth Official Add-On pack for the Prophet X, & Prophet XL Hardware Synthesizer, The Model D.

The Minimoog Model D is a three-oscillator monophonic synthesizer manufactured originally throughout the early 1970s, before being brought back in more recent years for a limited run. The Model D not only helped shape decades of music production but still defines and inspires instrument design and technology to this very day.

The Model D was the instrument that started it all. It established the possibility of having an advanced yet portable synthesizer. As the popularity of massive walls of modular systems began to dwindle, the Model D was MOOG’s answer. It was not only the original to offer such a range of features and functions, but it was the first in its class as a retail-ready commercial instrument. This lead to the popularity of the Model D being unparalleled at the time, with fans and users such as Parliament, Stevie Wonder, Keith Emerson, Gary Numan, Tangerine Dream, Kraftwerk and Herbie Hancock to name just a few.

The Model D Add-On was captured using a pristinely maintained original run hardware unit. Direct from the synth archives of Dave Smith himself, the Model D had been uniquely hand modified. We recorded each take through a purely analog signal path until the very final stages to ensure all the character, tone and warmth were retained, resulting in every note being faithful to the original.

The Model D’s truly analog design and workflow meant varying incremental fluctuations in the sound itself lead to far lusher and warmer tones. Coupled with the first ever Pitch Wheel and fully hands-on control, the Model D was an instrument that put the touring musician first and to this day remains saught after and a musical icon in its own right. Now after decades of limited runs, re-makes and models you can combine the original and iconic sounds of this classic hardware with the latest features of your Prophet X or Prophet XL, including true polyphony, advanced modulation routings and program splitting and stacking.

Stay tuned for more exclusive Prophet X & XL add-ons. We hope you enjoy this authentic vintage experience on your Prophet X & XL.

*MOOG (Minimoog)® is a registered trademark of MOOG Music Incorporated.

  • Deep-Sampled Custom Patches Using The Model D
  • Raw Oscillator Samples.
  • 16 Programs featuring A/B Modes (32 preset layers)
  • Perfectly Maintained Original Hardware
  • 80 MB Download Uncompressed
  • Product only available as Direct Download
  • Prophet X or XL Hardware Synth Required
  • The Prophet X or XL must be running OS (v2.1) or higher. The latest Operating System can be found HERE
  • ** Not compatible with Kontakt