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Introducing The Slate Digital VRS8 Thunderbolt Interface

Introducing The Slate Digital VRS8 Thunderbolt Interface

The result of nearly three years of development, the new VRS8 Virtual Analog interface unifies Slate Digital’s software and hardware into a robust audio ecosystem called The Virtual Recording Studio. We used a “no compromise” design approach, resulting in a fantastic-sounding eight channel audio interface that leads the industry when it comes to components, specs, price and performance.


The start of any signal chain is extremely important, which is why the VRS8 features EIGHT high bandwidth Ultra Linear microphone preamps. These are the same ‘blank canvas’ design as the VMS-One preamp from our award-winning Virtual Microphone System, enabling you to use our modeling software to recreate the authentic sound of famous microphones and preamps. Each preamp has its own high-quality metal knob, so you can easily set levels like a regular analog preamp – instead of using single logic controller knobs and menus, as some of our competitors have chosen to do.

The next step in the signal chain is the converter itself. Instead of using budget components, the VRS8 offers mastering-quality conversion by incorporating the newest AKM AK5578 converter chips – offering a whopping industry-best 124db of dynamic range on all 8 inputs!

The sound of an audio interface relies on much more than the converter chip itself – all of the components in the audio circuit have a direct result on the audio quality. Keeping to our “no compromise” design aesthetic, the VRS8 utilizes high-quality WIMA capacitors for the entire audio path.

Part of the goal behind creating the Virtual Recording Studio was to provide a near-realtime experience when using our analog modeled plugins while tracking. In order to achieve that goal, we created a new technology called LLN, which stands for “Low Latency Native”. LLN utilizes a custom hard-wired converter chipset, which reduces managed components in the audio path and allows an incredible .7 milliseconds of latency at 96K (with a 32 sample buffer). This latency spec allows you to monitor through mic and preamp emulations while tracking, giving you the ability to hear your audio in context while still allowing you to change your mind later.

The audio clock is the heart of any recording interface, which is why it was important that the VRS8 had a killer clocking system onboard. We use satellite-grade XTC clocking technology, utilizing four temperature-compensated crystal oscillators for ultra-stable audio performance, keeping your audio jitter and distortion free.

Most engineers listen to music on headphones when working in the studio, but headphone amplifiers are the first place that manufacturers usually look to cut costs when building an interface. Instead of using typical designs that cost mere pennies, we use discrete amplifiers to ensure that your headphones sound robust and clear for all of your monitoring tasks. Not only that, we also added in two separate monitor mixes and the ability to use the VRS8 as a speaker switcher.

The world of audio interfaces is rarely cross-platform when it comes to performance, meaning that Mac devices (using Thunderbolt) usually far outperform PC interfaces (using USB). While USB can be effective for two-channel designs, it requires more CPU overhead to manage, resulting in higher CPU usage and latency versus Thunderbolt – and the problem just gets worse as you add more channels. Unlike any other interface on the market, the VRS8 offers both Thunderbolt and PCIe connectivity for maximum cross-platform compatibility. The PCIe performance is the same as Thunderbolt. You can also link up to 6 VRS8’s via Thunderbolt to achieve 48 inputs and outputs.

Our “no compromise” design goal extended well into areas that other manufacturers simply ignore, which is evidenced by the VRS8’s native MIDI IO. Unlike USB MIDI interfaces (where MIDI information has to fight with your mouse, keyboard, and other USB traffic) MIDI IO on the VRS8 never touches the USB bus. You can count on hyper-accurate MIDI timing, and stuck sustain pedals when tracking keyboards and synths should become a thing of the past.


The Slate Digital Virtual Recording Studio Ships With A Year License Of The Everything Bundle. The Everything Bundle includes all of the award-winning Slate plugins, worth thousands of dollars. Using the VRS8 and VMS Microphones, you’ll be able to track through world-class microphones, preamps, equalizers, and more in real time.

Now you can experience the Slate Virtual Recording Studio including all of our microphone models. Click below to go to the VRS Experience page where you can download all the Slate plugins including demos of our VMS microphone plugins, as well as a multitrack session recorded with VMS mics through our VRS8 interface. When you download the plugins and the session, you can load up a track, and experiment with different world-class virtual microphones from the mic locker. Hear the vintage FET47F, 414, and ribbon 121. Try the vocals through the vintage tube 67s, 251, 47s and more.

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Awave Mix It with FOCAL SM9 Trade In Deal (Limited Time Only)

Awave Mix It with FOCAL SM9 Trade In Deal (Limited Time Only)

Get a pair of amazing Focal SM9 Studio Monitors for $5999.00, when you trade ANY eligible model from brands including  ADAM, DYN-AUDIO, KRK, EVENT, GENELEC, EVE, BAREFOOT, QUESTED, FOCAL, MACKIE, PMC, UNITY AUDIO, YAMAHA.*

These professional studio monitors normally retail for $12,398 A PAIR!

Call Awave on 03 9813 1833 or email to organise you trade in deal today, before stock runs out.

*All monitors traded must be in pairs. Subject to full working & cosmetic condition – offer is limited while stocks last



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Dave Smith Instruments Introduces the Prophet X

Dave Smith Instruments Prophet X

Dave Smith Instruments Introduces the Prophet X

Samples Plus Synthesis!

Dave Smith Instruments today announced the Sequential Prophet X, a new, bi-timbral, 8-voice-stereo (16-voice mono) synthesizer that combines samples and synthesis. At the heart of its sound is a newly developed engine that powers two simultaneous 16-bit, 48kHz sample-based instruments plus two high-resolution digital oscillators with waveshape modulation — all processed through analog filters.

Dave Smith commented: “The Prophet X is a powerful evolution of the Prophet series. Musicians have been asking for samples through real analog flters for a long time. We’ve given them not only that, but also all of the synthesis capabilites and awesome sound you’d expect from a Prophet.”

For sample content, Dave Smith turned to acclaimed sound developers 8Dio, known for pioneering “deep sampling,” a detailed approach to sampling that aims to capture all of the nuances and idiosyncracies of a particular sound or instrument. 8Dio co-founder Troels Folmann put it this way: “We’re known for going anywhere and everywhere with sounds. We embrace all sounds as music and feel that if you can capture the musical soul of a sound, you can make it into an instrument. The Prophet X gives musicians a very immediate and responsive way to access this expressiveness.”

The 150 GB sample library in the Prophet X includes numerous acoustic and electronic instruments as well as an extensive collection of ambient and cinematic effects. Users can shape the samples through loop manipulation, sample stretching, and the synthesizer’s many sound-sculpting functions which include 4 envelope generators, 4 LFOs, a deep modulation matrix, and other tools. The Prophet X also provides 50 gigabytes of internal storage for importing additional samples. Several sample libraries will be available from 8Dio at launch. Support for user-created sample content is planned for December, 2018.

A dual-effects engine provides multiple reverbs, two delays (standard and BBD), a chorus, flanger, phase shifter, rotating speaker, high-pass filter, and distortion. In stacked or split voice mode, you can apply two different effects to each layer. Effects parameters can be modulated through the mod matrix as can the samples themselves. A polyphonic step sequencer allows up to 64 steps and up to 6 notes per step, per layer. The Prophet X features a premium-quality, five-octave, semi-weighted keyboard with velocity and channel aftertouch, an integrated power supply, USB support, and three OLED displays.

Dave Smith summed up the new instrument: “Composers will love the Prophet X for soundtracks and synth geeks will love it for its sound mangling potential. But it’s really for everyone because it covers such a wide range of sounds. The new analog filter design we’re using is not only fantastic for synth sounds, but also does something special for the samples.” Added 8Dio co-founder Tawnia Knox: “The Prophet X has almost infinite posibilites. But more importantly, it has a soul. It’s alive. You can touch your sounds in a different way than you ever could.”

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Undertone Audio In Stock at Awave

Undertone Audio_Awave

Undertone Audio In Stock at Awave

There are a few limitations of the original Fairchild that we set out to address. First, we have made careful adjustments to the circuitry that greatly improve the lifespan and reliability of the tubes. Additionally, we’ve added a whole host of exciting new features that have never before been available on a Fairchild. The UnFairchild sports 6 original preset Time Constants and 4 variable Time Constants (attack and release), MS function, side chain processing, a true bypass, fine adjustment of left/right balance, user adjustable “DC Threshold”, and “Feed-Back” vs. “Feed-Forward” functionality. With the UnFairchild, we’ve made this extraordinary circuit flexible enough to handle pretty much every compression task on any style of music.

Checkout the Unfarichild 670M II and more below.

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In The Spotlight BAE Audio


Based in Southern California, BAE build hand-wired transformer-balanced outboard recording gear faithful to classic English and American designs.
We stock all BAE Audio’s extensive product range here at Awave which you can view here:

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Korg Introduces SEQUENZ Series Stands & Bags

Korg Introduces SEQUENZ Series Stands & Bags

A refined design that makes the player and instrument stand out, and enhances any performance. Multi-functionality that works with any model keyboard in a large variety of situations.
A classic line of accessories for working musicians made to the same exacting high-quality standards as you have come to expect from KORG.
This all-new brand dramatically challenges convention by focusing completely on what matters most to the player. Welcome SEQUENZ

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MOTU – From Big Screen to Home Studio: A Modern Approach to Composing Classical Music

MOTU – From Big Screen to Home Studio: A Modern Approach to Composing Classical Music

From big screen to home studio: a modern approach to composing classical music

New York-based film composer and music producer James Sizemore (The Hobbit Trilogy, Cosmopolis, Spotlight, A Dog’s Purpose) brings you into his home studio to discuss his debut album for piano and string quartet, and the role MOTU audio software and hardware technology plays in his creative process. “Digital Performer has served as a seamless bridge between the world of the technical, and the world of the creative and musical, ” says James.

The album, “FrameWorks”, represents a culmination of everything learned in ten years of writing and producing music for film and television. Each piece on the album is inspired by a geometric pattern or design.

Visit James Sizemore’s album release page for the free album release, and check out the behind-the-scenes videos of his recording process.

James Sizemore debut artist album 'Frameworks'
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Get Acquainted with the Rupert Neve Designs RMP-D8

Get Acquainted with the Rupert Neve Designs RMP-D8

The RMP-D8’s First Review Is In

Whether used for live performance, broadcast, or in the studio, the new RMP-D8 is a revelation in sound quality, reliability and convenience. Each channel of the RMP-D8 has a fully-realized class-A microphone preamplifier feeding a custom transformer, maintaining the high standards of Rupert Neve Designs’ standalone preamplifiers while seamlessly integrating mastering-grade converters with Dante and AES connectivity.

“I heard and felt the difference immediately. The RMP-D8 sounded absolutely fantastic.”

-Vince Lepore, FOH Magazine

Read the full review

RMP Sound Tests at Orb Recording

To showcase the RMP-D8’s preamps and converters, we put them up against some of the most well-known studio equivalents (SSL 6K E G+) on drums, voice and guitar with similarly well-known microphones. While this is by no means a scientific shootout, it does provide a useful reference for the RMP-D8’s classic Rupert Neve character and capabilities.

“When we put the RMP in, it seemed like there was an instant body and dimension on the drums versus the other micpreamps and converters.”

Charlie Kramsky (Nothing More, Bobby McFerrin)

RMP-D8 Control with Yamaha CL / QL Consoles

Yamaha Professional Audio recently announced Version 5.0 for Yamaha CL and QL Digital Audio Consoles. With the new update, the Rupert Neve Designs RMP-D8 can now be controlled remotely from any Yamaha CL or QL console equipped with Dante, providing a new high-end mic preamp option for Dante-connected venues, studios, broadcast systems, and touring rigs.

Learn more

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In The Spotlight Cloud Microphones

In The Spotlight Cloud Microphones

Hear more of your mic’s character and less preamp with the ultra-clean gain of our award-winning Cloudlifter Series Mic Activators.  


Elevate Your Sound to the power of Z and shape the sound of your mic, guitar, bass, or keyboard with our Vari-Z control.

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Universal Audio Showcase New Apollo X Series

Universal Audio Showcase New Apollo X Series

Universal Audio has announced their new Apollo X models, now with hexacore processors as standard. The Apollo X is UA’s new flagship Thunderbolt 3 audio interfaces, “featuring elite-class A/D and D/A conversion, new HEXA Core UAD plug-in processing, Unison mic preamps, +24dBu operation, Surround Sound,* and more. All in a sleek, expandable Thunderbolt 3 package for Mac and PC.”

UAD Apollo X
According to the company, the base X6 model offers 6-core UAD power for plugins, andh comprehensive 5.1 surround monitoring support. Apollo x6 is a boon for engineers and producers working on audio and music for video games, television, and the web. In addition, Apollo x6 offers selectable +24 dBu operation for out-of-the-box compatibility with professional mixing consoles and other high-end pro audio equipment.

Apollo x6 offers 16 x 22 simultaneous inputs/outputs (6 x 6 analog I/O) and two built-in Thunderbolt 3 ports. This allows users of any Thunderbolt-equipped Apollo Twin or Apollo rackmount audio interfaces to easily combine up to four Apollos and six total UAD-2 devices — adding fast, high-bandwidth I/O and DSP as your studio grows.

Additional models include:

* Apollo x8 — 18 x 24 Thunderbolt 3 audio interface for Mac and Windows; Elite-Class conversion with 129 dB D/A dynamic range; 4 Unison-enabled mic preamps; HEXA Core UAD plug-in processing; 7.1 Surround Sound monitoring.

* Apollo x8p — 18 x 22 Thunderbolt 3 audio interface for Mac and Windows; Elite-Class conversion with 129 dB D/A dynamic range; 8 Unison-enabled mic preamps; HEXA Core UAD plug-in processing; 7.1 Surround Sound monitoring.

* Apollo x16 — 18 x 20 Thunderbolt 3 audio interface for Mac and Windows; Flagship conversion with 133 dB D/A dynamic range; 16 channels of analog I/O via DB-25 connectors; HEXA Core UAD plug-in processing; 7.1 Surround Sound monitoring.

Watch this video on YouTube.
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Native Instruments Introduce Komplete 12, A Series Keyboards and Maschine Mikro MK3

Native Instruments Introduce Komplete 12, A Series Keyboards and Maschine Mikro MK3

Native Instruments has unveiled its biggest product refresh in years. In total, nine new products have been announced today (September 6), with a particular focus on affordable, entry-level hardware for novice producers.

The new products cover all of NI’s core brands: its beat production line Maschine, the Komplete Kontrol MIDI keyboards and Traktor, the company’s DJ software and controller brand. Lots of software is getting updated too. As well as new versions of its Komplete software package (now on version 12), core NI tools Kontakt and Massive are receiving major updates in the form of Komplete 6 and Massive X.

Today’s launch isn’t just about hardware and software though. Over the past few years Native Instruments has been busy acquiring businesses like Metapop, a music rights startup, and The Loop Loft, a “boutique” loops and samples store. These have received website redesigns while, NI’s recently launched (a ‘Spotify for samples’) exits beta.

I had a chance to spend time with some of these products before they were announced last month and was surprised by how affordable a lot of it was. Some of these new instruments are going to be game-changers for a lot of aspiring producers who may have been put off buying an NI controller due to price, though some specification compromises have been made to keep costs low.

Experienced producers may be disappointed that there’s nothing quite as significant as last year’s Maschine MK3 or 2016’s Maschine Jam in terms of new gear. However, professional keyboard players will probably be happy that there’s now an 88-key version of the Komplete Kontrol keyboard with a fully-weighted keybed.

Overall though, it’s the Traktor line that showcases the most significant new technology – specifically the new S4 controller, which adds the kind of haptic feedback found on iPhone and Apple Watch.

Maschine Mikro

NI’s Maschine Mikro – a cut-down, budget-friendly version of its flagship beat controller – hasn’t been updated since it 2012 when it received colored pads, so this refresh is long overdue. In terms of design it’s inspired by last year’s Maschine MK3, though the RGB displays are replaced with a simpler OLED screen.

The pads themselves are bigger than on the previous model and based on those found on the excellent Maschine MK3. The MK3’s ‘Smart Strip’ also makes the jump to the new Mikro, allowing you to strum and bend sounds. For the most part, it’s a cut-down Maschine with all the advantages of portability that brings, though there’s no built-in audio interface and the OLED screen is very, very small.

What’s most impressive about the Mikro is the price. It costs $249/£199/€249 and comes bundled with full versions of the Maschine software and a 1.6GB Factory Selection of kits and sounds alongside Massive, Monark and Reaktor Prism – only a little over half of what the Maschine MK3 costs.

Komplete Kontrol

Today’s launch sees the Komplete Kontrol keyboard line split into two tiers: the existing Komplete Kontrol S-Series models, and the new Komplete Kontrol A-Series – a more budget-conscious option that cuts back on features like the dual color displays and light guide for helping you stay in key.

As with the Maschine Mikro, the Kontrol A-Series keyboards only have one small OLED screen for displaying whatever parameter you’re controlling at the time. On the Mikro, this isn’t quite as noticeable, but on the Kontrol S-Series – which you’ll be predominantly using for editing synth patches and effects as well as moving around your DAW, the extra visual feedback is probably going to be missed.

The decision to cut the light guide is also a curious one for an entry-level keyboard, being one of NI’s main technologies aimed at making the music-making process easier for people without formal musical training. However, the price reduction for getting rid of these features is significant – a 25-key A-Series keyboard costs $149/£119/€149, the 49-key version $199/£159/€199 and the 61-key model $249/£199/€249 (for comparison, the cheapest S-Series model comes in at $599).

There’s also one new addition to the Kontrol S-Series lineup – the S88 MK2. This is the professional 88-key model missing from last year’s Komplete Kontrol lineup and includes a fully-weighted, hammer-action Fatar keybed for real piano feel, color screens and light guide. It costs $999/£799/€999.


NI’s two new Traktor controllers seem like an attempt to get back to the core of what DJs expect from a controller after experimenting with the S8, an interface with divisive touch strips for track control instead of jog wheels. The two-channel Traktor Kontrol S2 is the budget model ($299/£239/€299), while the four-channel S4 model is aimed at professionals with high-end features.

The S2 has everything you’d expect from a modern, entry-level DJ controller: Traktor software is included, it has 16 backlit RGB pads for triggering samples and loops, as well as setting and triggering cue points. It’s very portable, and seems to be aimed as much as people DJing beach parties as bedroom users.

The S4, similarly, has all you’d expect from a pro DJ controller, including hi-res color screens for displaying waveforms and track information, stereo booth output and audio interface with timecode vinyl support. The big selling point of the S4 however is its jog wheels, which incorporate the kind of haptic technology the iPhone and Apple Watch use to deliver tactile feedback. It costs $899/£719/€899.

NI’s “Haptic Drive™” does a few cool things: it attempts to replicate the same feel of resistance you get when using a vinyl platter and also delivers subtle force feedback for things like cue points and loops. So, if you’re trying to find the start point of a track, you can feel a bump as the platter spins over its relative position. It’s the kind of useful and innovative technology that could have digital DJs switching allegiance to Traktor.

Arriving with these controllers is the latest edition of the Traktor software, Traktor Pro 3. It includes a new “Elastique 3” time-stretching engine for audio improvements, redesigned user interface and Mixer FX, one-knob effect and filter controls that can be assigned to each channel independently. Both the S2 and S4 models have dedicated knobs for these new effects.


Komplete 12 comes in four versions: the standard version, Select, Ultimate and a new Collector’s Edition to celebrate Komplete’s 15th anniversary. New titles coming to Komplete 12 include kick and bass synth TRK-01, Expansions sound packs, Session Guitarist: Electric Sunburst and the latest version of NI’s sampler software, Kontakt 6.

Kontakt 6 includes three new instruments: an ’80s synthwave-inspired set called Analog Dreams, a tool that combines traditional instruments with digital synthesis calld Ethereal Earth and Hybrid Keys, “a modern digital twist on classic keyboard instruments”. Developers who build instruments in Kontakt also get the benefit of new sound design tools, a wavetable engine and a standalone application called Creator Tools that offers a debugger and instrument editor.

However, the big software news is the announcement of Massive X. This isn’t the latest iteration of the existing synth, but a completely new version built from the ground up. NI is still being very secretive about Massive X; I wasn’t shown the synth in action, only a render of the interface, which NI describes as having a “modular approach”. Today’s press release does reveal that it features “new subtractive filters, new insert effects, and a new performer for complex sound shaping”.

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September News from Manley Laboratories

Manley Labs Logo

September News from Manley Laboratories

– First, A Note from EveAnna Manley –

September 2018 marks my 50th Birthday and the Manley brand’s 30th Anniversary. Also, let’s give a Happy One Year Birthday celebration to our Manley Reference Silver Microphone – now nominated for a TEC Award!

There’s a lot of innovation in this newest Manley creation starting with its power supply, a smaller version of our hugely successful and proven reliable Switch Mode Power Supply used in all of our latest products for the last several years (CORE, FORCE, NuMu, and ELOP+). We have a real technology edge with this dedicated high voltage supply custom designed for us by Bruno Putzeys and is team. It’s efficient, “green” if you will, lighter, all regulated, and super-quiet. This results in “blacker blacks” and speedy presentation of the music. It also auto-senses incoming mains voltage and works everywhere in the world. Most important is it wins the sonic shootouts every time. Our new SMPS sounds better than the older linear power supplies of yesteryear. And that’s the bottom line.

The “top” of the Ref Silver Mic is David Jospehson’s excellent take on the ol’ SONY C3 capsule. I first encountered this capsule when Aspen Pittman of Groove Tubes fame had reached frustration trying to get his dream capsule built in So Cal by “another guy” (R.I.P.). Aspen sent me some parts to look at asking for help. I suggested to Aspen that he contact David Josephson who had been building our Manley Gold Mic capsules for many years. “DJ” ended up creating this capsule for the GT MD3 and MD3A microphones.

Those mics are long out of production now so when I was day dreaming about creating a new tube microphone, I remembered that this unique capsule design was really only being used in current production in the (solid-state) Josephson C715. I contacted DJ and got a capsule to play with and my team worked up a superb modern tube mic around this capsule and using our amazing switching power supply. The end result is a rich middle “character” mic with a beautifully tamed upper frequency register which makes it a natural in front of an electric guitar cabinet, overhead drums, on snares and toms, and in front of sooooo many vocalists, females, for sure, and horns, and with guys who have kind of scratchy throat noises that might be overly accentuated by more airy microphones. Give it a go! It’s a very versatile and impressively handsome creation of ours.



Taking inspiration from the fabled Sony C-37A, Manley Labs introduces the Manley Reference Silver Microphone – now nominated for a TEC Award! Featuring an American-built capsule by David Josephson and a Manley-designed circuit, this microphone has a warm, rich tone and a TON of character.




We’ve finished porting over all our photos, videos, logos and more to a shiny new Google Drive. All product images are organized in PRO and HIFI folders, sorted by SKU code, with both high-res TIFFs and screen-res JPEGs & PNGs for just about everything.

We’ve also got a selection of photos from the factory, advertisement / banner artwork, our official logos, and of course all the new videos we’re making. Feel free to share these links with your dealers, and make sure everything’s updated as needed.

If you think there’s something missing, or if you need help finding something in particular, let us know!








One section of our new Manley Drive is dedicated to advertisement & banner examples for your websites (and your dealer websites!). Here’s an example featuring Manley’s “New Classics” – feel free to edit these for your own language and use them to spread the word about Manley’s latest gear.


One section of our new Manley Drive is dedicated to advertisement & banner examples for your websites (and your dealer websites!). Here’s an example featuring Manley’s “New Classics” – feel free to edit these for your own language and use them to spread the word about Manley’s latest gear.

One of our very oldest distributors is Zima Produktion in Sweden, headed up by Robert Zima.

“In 1992, what made me choose Manley was the Reference Cardioid and Gold mics – and also the Mono Variable Mu and ELOP limiter. Being a distributor for Manley has been very easy because of the devotion that customers have shown for the product all these years.No other brand in my portfolio has the same continuity of sales over such a long time.”

Fun fact: Even though Zima has been distributing Manley Labs since 1992, he’s been playing in a progressive rock band even longer: since 1971! The band still plays around the world with the original lineup – and if you want to see them, they’re booked to play a festival in Seattle, WA in June 2019…