MOOG MUSIC Living with the Moog Sound Lab


MOOG MUSIC Living with the Moog Sound Lab

Dummy Mag’s latest series documents six artists who will be cohabiting with an abundance of Moog analog equipment in a special bedroom at the Ace Hotel London. Over 4 days and nights, the artists will live amongst the Moog Sound Lab UK, culminating their experience with a public performance in the Ace’s basement venue, The Miranda.

Andy Blake, David Colohan, Iain Forsyth & Jane Pollard share their once-in-a-lifetime experiences below.


Andy Blake went into the Moog Sound Lab UK and literally ate, slept, dreamt Moog for four days in an Ace Hotel suite. Sleeping in the same room as the set-up, Andy gained unbarred access to the kit, enabling him create with a limitless palette of sounds whenever he pleased.Best known for his Cave Painting releases and the showers of hedonistic indulgence at the covert World Unknown parties he runs, Andy didn’t disappoint. Sat on a piece of carpet in Ace’s basement space Miranda, he operated the Moog stacks with precision, tapping in to the analog spirit of the instruments and becoming one with their electronic soul. As Andy says, “nothing is happening, but everything is happening”.




United Bible Studies founder David Colohan was the second artist to spend four days in the Ace Hotel x Moog Sound Lab and, he quickly set to work.A stark contrast to the placid countryside he is used to in his native Ireland, being placed in a hotel room in the middle of busy Shoreditch High Street didn’t phase David. It was the “perfect living arrangement” for his task which allowed him unbridled night-and-day access to the powerful Moog set-up. “The kind of machines you dream about playing” David states before progressing into his moving performance which featured the haunting yet reassuring drone of the Theremin.



With very little experience as music makers, visual artists Iain Forsyth and Jane Pollard were an eagerly anticipated addition to the Moog Sound Lab.Pulling off the unexpected is where Ian and Jane shine the brightest. Their performance bring s to life a dream tale of the perfect night’s sleep, weaving a dream-within-a-dream narrative over and under the haunting rumbles and clashing crescendoes resonating from the intricate Moog set up. Drawing on their background in filmmaking, the duo crafted a lushly cinematic experience.