Moog Werkstatt-01 Drone Lab Nosaj Thing


Moog Werkstatt-01 Drone Lab Nosaj Thing

Free Werkstatt Drone Pack Download Designed by Nosaj Thing 

At Slingshot 2015, a multi-disciplinary celebration of the arts in Athens, Georgia, Moog Music presented a unique synth-building workshop. Led by Moog Engineer Chris Howe, attendees learned the fundamentals of synthesis from the ground-up by building a Moog Werkstatt-01 analog synthesizer kit.

Once built, the 12 attendees crafted drone patches. Later that evening, Alpha Pup recording artist Nosaj Thingtook control of all 12 synthesizers, adding and subtracting their signals in a long-form drone performance. The improvised result was an ever-shifting and complex soundscape.

After his performance, Nosaj Thing designed 12 evolving drones with the Werkstatt-01 that we are making available to you.

Listen to and download the Werkstatt-01 drone patches designed by Nosaj Thing here.

Experiment with stacking and layering Nosaj Thing’s Werkstatt-01 drones to create your own shifting palettes. Run them through filters and compressors, or use them as background textures to lay other sonic components on top of. 

However you choose to use them, experimenting and learning will reward you with a lifetime of rich synthesizer experiences.

Watch Nosaj Thing’s performance & the building of the drones here.

Learn more about Werkstatt-01 here.