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Source Audio Trey Anastasio and the Ventris Dual Reverb

Source Audio Trey Anastasio and the Ventris Dual Reverb

This is exciting – we have it from reliable sources that Trey Anastasio is taking a pair of Ventris Dual Reverbs out on the road this summer. We have several HARDCORE Phish and Trey fans here at Source Audio, so the entire building is abuzz.

According to Ryan Chiachiere of the “Trey’s Guitar Rig” website, Trey is running a pair of Komet Trainwreck 60 Amps, each with its own Komet Ambikab speaker cabinet. The Ambikabs were designed specifically to run time based effects by including a dedicated effects loop, which maintains complete speaker separation between the guitar’s dry and wet signals. In those effects loops sit a pair of Ventris Dual Reverbs set to the True Spring reverb engine. It is a very unique set-up, LEARN MORE…

Premier Guitar Magazine Honors The Ventris Dual Reverb With Their “Premier Gear Award”

The Ventris Dual Reverb is finally making the rounds to the music gear publications and the reaction has been outstanding. We recently learned that the Ventris was honored with Premier Guitar Magazine’s coveted “Premier Gear Award.” We couldn’t be more grateful in accepting this prestigious award, many thanks to all the fine musicians over at PG!

Charles Saufley, PG’s Gear Editor concluded in his review that, “[The Ventris] does organic and old-school mechanical reverb with aplomb and in good taste. But the real joys are in combining Ventris’ voices and the ease with which you can embark on deep sound-sculpting adventures.” READ THE ENTIRE REVIEW…