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Source Audio – Is It Fender or Is It Ventris

Ryan Holding Source Audio Ventris

Source Audio – Is It Fender or Is It Ventris

60 Cycle Hum Asks: “Is It Fender or Is It Ventris?”

This past January at the NAMM Show we had the great pleasure of meeting Mr. Ryan Burke from 60 Cycle Hum: The Guitar Podcast. Ryan quickly filled us in on his eternal quest for a reverb pedal that captures the elusive “drip” of a real Fender 6G15 outboard spring reverb tank. “I’m forever chasing that drippy dragon!”

A drippy spring reverb tone is THE sound for surf rock guitarists worldwide. Ryan, a true connoisseur of surf rock tones, is exactly the type of musician we aimed to convince with the Ventris Dual Reverb’s new Outboard Spring engine. He only had to play one note through the Outboard Spring to concluded, “They’ve freakin’ done it. It drips!!!” Click the video link below to hear 60 Cycle Hum’s side-by-side comparison of the Ventris and an actual Fender outboard spring tank. Can you tell which is which?

Fender Spring Reverb and the Ventris: A Side-by-Side Comparison

Make sure to keep an eye on the 60 Cycle Hum Youtube channel for the big reveal in this blind comparison. Also, if you want to hear the Outboard Spring engine in your own rig, it is available now with the Neuro Desktop Editor. It is a free download for Mac and Windows PCs. Check out our Neuro/Ventris blog for instructions on downloading the Outboard Spring to your Ventris.

The Ambience Maker

Chords Of Orion

After all this vintage spring reverb talk, how about we turn our attention to some ambient guitar? We were blown away by the new videos from our pal Bill Vencil (a.k.a. “Chords of Orion”). Bill’s Fripp/Eno inspired compositions are some of our favorite ambient recordings in the guitar world. If you are an explorer of sonic space, we urge you to check out the Chords of Orion demo of the Ventris Dual Reverb. Bill’s baritone guitar plugged into the Ventris with the TIME control turned way, way up is truly an inspiration. Enjoy…

Chords of Orion Demos the Ventris Dual Reverb

Bill is also one of the first guys to dive deep into the ambient possibilities of the Ventris Dual Reverb/Nemesis Delay combo. Make sure and check out his song, Anno Requiem – An Ambient Guitar Meditation. It features the Ventris, the Nemesis, a fuzz, a volume pedal, and a looper. It is a big, BIG sound.