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New Aurora Audio Products Now Available

Aurora Audio

New Aurora Audio Products Now Available

We’re excited that an extended range of products is now available from Aurora Audio.

Aurora Audio are the brain child of Geoff Tanner and Alan Dickson. Geoff is a British former Neve Special Projects Engineer and Alan a Hollywood studio owner. This American company grew originally from Phoenix Audio in the late 1990s and the name change occurred when the third founding member, David Langford, decided to retire. Today, Aurora manufacture a range of preamps, equalisers, compressors, routers and summing buses, all of which are based on Neve-esque discrete transistor, class-A circuitry. However, out of respect for former co-workers at Neve, none of the Aurora products are direct copies or clones.

The new range of products available from Aurora Audio include:

  • The Aurora Sidecar: A 10 channel, pure Class A discrete, complete with 4 band EQ & super thick, transformer coupled two bus output.
  • GT10x8 Absolute: Analog Mixer with 8 Inputs and Outputs, Level and Pan Control and Assignable Stereo Routing.
  • GT8x2 Absolute: An 8 channel line level mixer.
  • Stinger Preamp: Desktop microphone preamp and EQ with 100mm fader. 

See the individual products available below for more information.