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Introducing the Sequential Pro 3 & Pro 3 SE Synthesizers

Introducing the Sequential Pro 3 & Pro 3 SE Synthesizers

The Pro 3 synthesizer is the latest generation of the company’s Pro 1 monophonic synthesizer. The original Pro 1, introduced in 1981, is revered as one of the most important monophonic synths of its time. The Pro 3 expands on the original’s capabilities in many ways, with a more powerful synth engine, better build quality, a more capable sequencer, duophonic operation, effects and more.

The Pro 3 SE is Sequential’s “Special Edition” version of the new synth. It features a multi-angle tilt-up panel and full premium-grade walnut trim.

The Pro 3 SE features the same sound engine as the standard edition Pro 3: three oscillators, three vintage filters, three LFOs, four loopable envelopes, a massive 32-slot mod matrix, and a 16 x 16 x 4 sequencer. In addition, it features dual digital effects and four control voltage ins and outs.

Sequential describes the Pro 3 SE as ‘a hybrid of solid, old-school analog synthesis paired with versatile digital technology’.

Its two voltage controlled oscillators provide warmth and presence while its third wavetable oscillator provides digital edge and grit. With 32 tables of 16 waves each and wave morphing, the tonal possibilities are immense. Tuned feedback with grunge, and analog distortion deliver industrial-grade nastiness on demand.