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Get Acquainted with the Rupert Neve Designs RMP-D8

Get Acquainted with the Rupert Neve Designs RMP-D8

The RMP-D8’s First Review Is In

Whether used for live performance, broadcast, or in the studio, the new RMP-D8 is a revelation in sound quality, reliability and convenience. Each channel of the RMP-D8 has a fully-realized class-A microphone preamplifier feeding a custom transformer, maintaining the high standards of Rupert Neve Designs’ standalone preamplifiers while seamlessly integrating mastering-grade converters with Dante and AES connectivity.

“I heard and felt the difference immediately. The RMP-D8 sounded absolutely fantastic.”

-Vince Lepore, FOH Magazine

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RMP Sound Tests at Orb Recording

To showcase the RMP-D8’s preamps and converters, we put them up against some of the most well-known studio equivalents (SSL 6K E G+) on drums, voice and guitar with similarly well-known microphones. While this is by no means a scientific shootout, it does provide a useful reference for the RMP-D8’s classic Rupert Neve character and capabilities.

“When we put the RMP in, it seemed like there was an instant body and dimension on the drums versus the other micpreamps and converters.”

Charlie Kramsky (Nothing More, Bobby McFerrin)

RMP-D8 Control with Yamaha CL / QL Consoles

Yamaha Professional Audio recently announced Version 5.0 for Yamaha CL and QL Digital Audio Consoles. With the new update, the Rupert Neve Designs RMP-D8 can now be controlled remotely from any Yamaha CL or QL console equipped with Dante, providing a new high-end mic preamp option for Dante-connected venues, studios, broadcast systems, and touring rigs.

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