The King Of Mastering EQs? Wes Audio ngTubeEq World Premiere

The King Of Mastering EQs? Wes Audio ngTubeEq World Premiere

In the ever-evolving world of audio engineering, the Wes Audio ngTubeEQ has emerged as a standout tool, poised to redefine mastering EQ standards. Touted as “The King of Mastering EQs,” this innovative piece of equipment combines the warmth of analog processing with the precision of digital control, making it a must-have for modern studios.

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Features and Functionality

The ngTubeEQ is a fully analog tube equalizer, featuring a remarkable 26dBu headroom. Its design ensures a purely analog signal path, which is essential for maintaining the natural, warm sound that analog enthusiasts crave. One of the standout features of this EQ is its digital recall capability, allowing users to save and recall their settings with ease, thus streamlining the workflow in both professional and project studios[1].

This versatile EQ boasts four fully passive, inductor-based bands, providing a broad tonal palette for engineers to craft their sound. It also supports dual-mono, stereo, and mid-side modes, enhancing its flexibility and application in various mixing and mastering scenarios[5].

Digital Integration

What sets the ngTubeEQ apart from many of its competitors is its seamless integration of digital control. Despite its analog circuitry, users can control the EQ settings digitally, offering the best of both worlds – the tactile satisfaction of analog gear with the convenience of digital precision[4].


With its lush tonal quality and intuitive interface, the Wes Audio ngTubeEQ is set to become an indispensable tool in studios worldwide. Whether you are an analog purist or a digital enthusiast, this EQ offers the perfect blend of both worlds, making it a top contender for the title of “The King of Mastering EQs.”