Lynx Hilo 2 • The most transparent audio converter/interface just got even better.

Lynx Hilo 2 • The most transparent audio converter/interface just got even better.

The Lynx Hilo 2 is the ultimate solution for professionals who demand the purest audio quality. Engineered to be a true all-in-one device, the Hilo 2 offers class-leading AD/DA conversion, built-in metering and analysis, multiple inputs and outputs, hyper-flexible routing, and monitoring control – all easily saved and recalled via a touchscreen, regardless of the work you do.

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Key Features and Upgrades

  • Upgraded Conversion Technology: The Hilo 2’s enhanced conversion technology ensures even more transparent performance, making it the perfect choice for critical listening and recording applications.
  • SynchroLock2 Sample Clock: Provides faster locking and better tracking of external clocks with 7 ppm absolute accuracy, ensuring the highest level of precision and stability in your audio recordings.
  • In-Plane Switching LCD: The capacitive touch LCD offers a significant increase in brightness, uniform off-axis viewing, and improved touch responsiveness, making navigation and control more intuitive and efficient.
  • High Sample Rates and DSD Support: The Hilo 2 supports upgrade paths to high sample rates above 192kHz and DSD on input and output, catering to the needs of high-resolution audio projects.
  • Selectable Filters: The device offers selectable linear and minimum phase filters on line I/O, providing flexibility and control over your audio signal processing.

The Hilo 2’s unique touchscreen interface, combined with its future-proof LSlot design featuring swappable USB, Thunderbolt, and DANTE cards, ensures that this device remains at the cutting edge of audio technology for years to come. Whether you’re a recording engineer, a mastering professional, or a demanding audiophile, the Lynx Hilo 2 is designed to meet and exceed your expectations.