Get a Free Rupert Neve Newton Channel Demo in Your Own Studio (via Access Analog)

Get a Free Rupert Neve Newton Channel Demo in Your Own Studio (via Access Analog)

Rupert Neve Design has partnered with Access Analog to give you two free sessions with a Newton Channel – or a pair of them! – right in your own studio, through the technological wizardry of their Analog Matrix plugin*.

You can’t use these two Newtons as mic preamps for reasons that may be obvious, but we’re happy to be able to give you the chance to try one or both of their Newtons for line-level processing on your tracks, stems, or mixes.

Though it was designed as a mic preamp with EQ and dynamics, a pair of Newtons can be a powerful tool on the back-end of your rig as well. The EQ, VCA compressor, and Silk circuit can do a LOT with line-level inputs, and you’ll likely notice that you need fewer plug-ins to get your tracks and/or mix sounding “finished”.

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Featured Product:

Stream real-time audio to a pair of robotically controlled Newton Channels using the Analog Matrix Plugin, courtesy of Access Analog and Rupert Neve Designs.

How does it work? (follow the links below)

Make a reservation on the Access Analog Reserve page for Newton Channel #1 or #2 (or both).

At checkout, use coupon code newton-trial with one or both Newtons in your cart.


In the plugin, connect and then select the unit in the routing panel at your reservation time. If you’re just using one of the individual Newtons, you’ll find them each under the “Multi Function” menu. If you’re using both Newtons in stereo or dual mono, you’ll find them selectable under the “Dual Mono” menu.