Black Lion Audio – PG Series – Power Conditioners and Surge Protectors

Black Lion Audio – PG Series – Power Conditioners and Surge Protectors

Even though it should be self-explanatory, using a power and noise filtering device protects your audio equipment and minimises any unwanted noise.

There’s nothing worse than scoring that “must-have” piece of gear, only to find out that it’s noisier than should be expected, missing high-frequency detail, or even worse, having it fried by power surges!

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What real difference does power conditioning make?

Dirty power is everywhere, no matter what country, what city, what home, what venue, etc. Power conditioners are fantastic for cleaning up dirty power to reduce noise levels, restoring proper high-end response, and removing ground loop hum.

No matter the application, power conditioners tend to be nothing short of a requirement for getting jobs done.

Do you need one? The honest answer is yes. Musician, recording engineer, podcaster, whatever… Power conditioners can very easily help everyone’s life be a lot easier-going.

Why you should choose the Black Lion Audio range of PG Series Power Conditioners and Surge Protectors?

Black Lion Audio is a trusted leader in the market with a 15-year history of delivering high-quality audio devices, and high-grade modifications to your favorite recording products. Their level of expertise in all things vintage has poured into their own product development across the board – a dedication to their ultimate love of audio.

Black Lion Audio offer boutique products, created by recording engineers that demand the best. The PG Series of Power Conditioners and Surge Protectors is a testament to their high-quality craftsmanship, providing clean, professional power and noise filtering.

Power spikes happen all of the time, and it doesn’t take much to totally destroy electronic equipment.

Don’t risk it… Protect your gear!

If you’re looking for high-quality, super-reliable, professional-grade Power Conditioners and Surge Protectors, check out the PG Series by Black Lion Audio via the below product links.