Tom Oberheim Two Voice Pro: Aliens in the Amazon

Tom Oberheim Two Voice Pro: Aliens in the Amazon

The following video is of Drew Neumann performing on the Tom Oberhiem Two Voice Pro.

Drew states that, “I’m a longtime fan and friend of Tom’s, and I’ve been involved in the development of the new two voice since day one. It’s one of my favorite instruments in the studio–it’s a reissue of a classic synthesizer, but it’s more than that, it’s an open system that can be connected in ways that the original machines could not. It’s a powerful and wonderful synth on its own, but when you use the patch connections, new worlds of adventure open up.

This is massively multi tracked to Digital Performer using a simple setup of just a TVS Pro, an SE Quadnic and STE16 and a few other supporting modules. All of the percussion is pure TVS Pro sampled, edited, and dropped into Kontakt.”

Watch the video below.

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