Lynx Presents Hilo for Mastering

Lynx Presents Hilo for Mastering

Mastering with Hilo

OK – we could have gone with “MEET YOUR MASTER” or something a bit more catchy, but we opted for the direct approach. Direct always works best with the signal path so…

Hilo was built with Mastering in mind First and Foremost

Mastering is the last critical step before delivering the performance for duplication and distribution. The mastering engineer needs the pristine audio quality to be able to hear the slightest change. Hilo’s -140 dB crosstalk spec delivers the wide space needed to get the most out of the stereo image. And the analog I/O provides the golden channels needed for the analog signal chain to work its magic.

Hilo’s internal 32 x 32 mixer allows any input to be routed to any output at any level in any combination. So comparing mixes and alternate mastering options is easy to do.

The analog “Golden channels” allow the mastering engineer a signal path to incorporate analog signal processing for the final mix. Multiple monitoring options allow a quick reference listen on various speaker systems as well as headphones.

Click Here For a Quick Look at adding an analog signal chain for mastering with Hilo

For More on Mastering with Hilo click below to watch interviews with mastering engineers Bernie Becker and Ron Boustead as well as a presentation by Lynx Product Support guru Paul Erlandson.

Click here to purchase Lynx Hilo

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