Chicago has a rich cultural heritage based on a strong work ethic and a no-nonsense approach towards life. We at Black Lion Audio feel that this is reflected in our dedication and approach to sound quality. We work extremely hard on every aspect of our designs, modifications, and customer service, and make every effort to be efficient and timely in doing so.

We started Black Lion Audio to help people involved in audio reproduction and reinforcement upgrade the sound quality of their equipment without spending a lot of money. Our focus began primarily with modifications, then broadened to include our own boutique equipment designed and built right here in Chicago.

Within just a few years, we’ve built a reputation for providing superior quality sound in a cost-effective manner. Given the current economic climate, it’s no wonder that major labels, project studios, audio software companies, and high-profile tracking and mix down engineers make up a significant portion of our client base.

You can hear our work in major motion picture scores and soundtracks such as “Shutter Island,” and on major television shows like ABC’s “Dancing With The Stars’, & TNT’s “HawthoRNe”, as well as on commercials for Fox and Chevrolet.
Our work is utilized by prestigious organizations such as The Los Angeles Opera, major label acts like Maroon 5, Alison Krauss, Metallica, T-Pain, George Strait, MGMT, Beyonce, George Duke, Jars of Clay, Slayer, Erykah Badu, Rod Stewart, Corrine Bailey Rae, and The Donnas, as well as independent artists like Danielson Famile, David Bazan (Pedro The Lion), Sereena Maneesh, Cold War Kids, and mewithoutYou.

What is a Black Lion Audio mod?
The idea behind any studio gear modification is simple: Take the inferior components out, put superior ones in, and analyze every key aspect of design and signal path to produce a superior rebuilt product. But here’s the rub: No serious mod of audio gear is as simple as, say, changing a set of car spark plugs. And with so much studio stuff now mass-produced overseas, how do you know the people doing the mod have any measurable level of workmanship to raise the audio bar to thrilling new heights? You know with some of the stuff you now own – maybe even the very piece you need overhauled — the builders might as well have been on an assembly line making waffle irons.

At Black Lion Audio, a super-picky staff of pro engineers, working right out of our Chicago workshop, oversees every mod from start to finish. Each and every Black Lion team member shares an intense devotion to gear and great audio. Music is our passion and our lives, 24/7 – and you’re the one who wins big, getting back a rebuilt piece of equipment that will exceed all your expectations. Or as one of our crew guys likes to say, “Take out the crap, put in the craft!” No wonder members of the music elite, from Mutt Lange to Butch Walker to Mike Shipley, have become fans and users of our equipment.

So what’s in a mod?
At Black Lion, the formula is simple: Attention to detail + top-shelf components + love = musical mojo you won’t hear anywhere else. We live to roar.