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Barefoot – Manny Marroquin Masters of the Craft

Barefoot – Manny Marroquin Masters of the Craft

Multi-GRAMMY Winning Mix Engineer, Manny Marroquin has had his hands and ears on nearly 250 million records, 40 #1 hits and 100 Top 10 albums with artists that include; Eminem, John Mayer, Miley Cyrus, Kanye West, Lady Gaga, Rihanna, SIA and The Rolling Stones to name a few. His vision and technical savvy combined with immense creative ability have made Manny a true master of his craft.

In Manny Marroquin’s Own Words

To become a master of your craft, you’ve got to be passionate about what you do. I think there’s a lot of people that get in this business for the wrong reason.

You’re work ethic has to be there to keep perfecting that craft.  You gotta make sure that, when you face adversity, you’re able to adapt to it.

I used to say, I can mix anything from Leon Rhymes to Busta Rhymes. I try to be a chameleon to whatever they are giving me. I’m just a fan of music, really.

I think it’s the best time to be a producer right now, and you can do everything in your basement, in your bedroom. You can have quality equipment that will get you from a) to b) and I think the tools today are better than ever.

In the art form of mixing, I feel it’s not only what comes out of the speakers at the end of the day, as the journey and how to get there, and we’re always looking for inspiration.

I think the key is, the studio monitor. Does that monitor inspire you? Whatever I drive in to it, i gotta be able to get influenced with what comes out.

And you have to be able to push it a certain way that, you know it’s limits, and you know what you can do with it.

Barefoot Sound. The very first time I heard about it, it was at a trade show, and I saw these monitors that looked different from everything else, and then I was at a studio in San Francisco, and this guy had them, and he was raving about them, and he played me a mix through ’em, and I just immediately fell in love with them because they were just powerful. They were punchy. They were musical. They were not too pretty, but yet not too raw. All the things that I look for in a monitor.

I can really, really turn them up, or, I can turn them way down when I’m writing vocals, when I’m doing intricate rides, I can really turn ’em down and hear everything, and that’s pretty special. There’s not a lot of monitors that you can do that with. – Manny Marroquin, Multi-GRAMMY Winning Mix Engineer

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Focal Announce New Shape Twin Monitors And Pro Headphones

Focal Announce New Shape Twin Monitors And Pro Headphones

Focal Announce New Shape Twin Monitors And Pro Headphones

Focal has extended their range with 3 new products that they will be showing at NAMM 2018. The Focal Shape Twin, 2.5-way monitoring loudspeakers together with the Listen Professional and Clear Professional headphones.

Shape Twin Monitor Speakers

Focal Shape Twin

Focal is expanding the Shape range with the new flagship, Shape Twin. This 2.5-way monitoring loudspeaker is designed to offer great performance from only a distance of 1 m. The compact design is intended to make it easy to integrate even into the most cramped of rooms.

The Shape Twin monitor speakers feature two passive radiators, woofers equipped with a new Flax cone, and the latest “M”-shaped Aluminium/Magnesium inverted dome tweeter.

The Shape Twin is made in France, just like Shape 40, 50 and 65 and have been designed to meet the needs of near-field monitoring, these monitors combine an ingenious design and numerous settings optimised for the acoustics of small listening rooms.

The compact design is intended to make it easy to integrate even into the most cramped of rooms. Finally, its 2.5-way design gives it a real advantage when it comes to controlling the bass and lower mid-range registers which are the hardest to control in small rooms.

Focal describes the Shape Twin’s five innovations as presenting “a remarkable tonal balance, with very wide and precise stereo imaging. The low frequencies are well defined as well as controlled. The low-mid and mid ranges provide a true neutral sound”.

The Shape Twin is expected to be available in April 2018.

Clear Professional Headphones


Clear Professional is a variation from the brand new high-end headphones, Clear. These are Focal’s first reference headphones designed especially for the professional audio industry.

These open-back headphones benefit from Focal’s latest technological innovations launched with Clear and Utopia. The dynamics, the open-back design, the neutrality and the ability to reveal the slightest details of the audio spectrum make them perfect for producers, sound engineers and musicians looking for total control over their work, regardless of the environment. The Clear Professional headphones are expected to be available in February 2018.

Listen Professional Headphones


Focal are replacing their Spirit Professional headphones with the new Listen Professional which are equipped with brand new highly-tested mechanical components designed for intense use. These closed-back headphones have been designed to offer acoustic performance and maximum comfort. Like Clear Professional, they are supplied with a rigid carrying case to offer protection while travelling. The Listen Professional headphones are expected to be available in February 2018.

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In The Spotlight with Focal’s Limited Edition White Alpha Active Monitors

Focal Alpha White

In The Spotlight with the Focal’s Limited Edition White Alpha Active Monitors

Focal is pleased to introduce a special limited edition of the popular Alpha 50 and Alpha 65, which are known for their no-compromise studio-centric design and subtle yet impressive sonic character. The new Focal Limited Edition White Alpha Active Monitors have specifications identical to the black edition. This fresh aesthetic redesign projects a new side of the Alpha series and is available only in limited quantities.

Available in both 5 & 6.5 inch sizing. The Focal Alpha series are the studio purist’s choice of nearfield monitors and deliver a detailed, majestic sound. They perform just as well with traditional instrumentations as with pumping electronic music and boast a generous frequency response range within +/- 3dB. The adjustable shelving EQ make it possible to tailor the Alphas to the room acoustics and to personal taste.

Alpha Highlights

  • Excellent monitoring quality with wide, well-balanced dispersion keeps the same sound throughout the room
  • Aluminum inverted dome tweeter allows for precise and extra high frequency range
  • Polyglass speaker cone made in France delivers superior damping and rigidity
  • Optimal acoustic integration allows identical tonal balance at varying volumes and low sensitivity to wall effects
  • Custom designed Dual Class AB amplification provides efficiency and performance

For further information, visit the product pages below.

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Focal Alpha 80, Best Speakers In Their Category!

Focal Alpha 80

Focal Alpha 80, Best Speakers In Their Category!

We’re proud to announce that the Audiofanzine community has just voted Alpha 80 as the best 8″ monitoring loudspeaker under €700 per pair!

A historically renowned player in the high-end market, Focal is now also recognized in a more affordable segment dedicated to home studios.

This is really a coup de maître, as history has shown that high-end brands are generally faced with difficulties when trying to make their mark in a more entry-level market.

The Alpha line has enabled Focal to focus and reach a new customer base, and this has also had an extremely positive impact on the Brand’s reputation.

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HEDD Type 30 Trade In

HEDD Type 30 Studio Monitors

The HEDD Type 30 is an exceptional midfield monitor that will satisfy all your professional studio needs and desires. Whether as a full range audio monitor in an elegant studio space or in broadcasting contexts, this 3-way-system based monitor is an ideal player in the most diverse fields of application. The impressive technological facts alone speak for themselves: two horizontally aligned 7”-woofers, 4”-midrange woofer, the HEDD Air Motion Transformer tweeter, and nothing less than 4×300 watts amplification create an ultra-wide frequency range from 30Hz to 50khz. In the course of the Type 30’s development, the acoustic accuracy that this constellation of components translates into has fascinated us: in addition to being super solid and having an extremely high fidelity in the bass and mid range reproduction, the HEDD AMT produces vivid and uncolored high frequency material. Let us assure you: this is one fine piece of gear.

As our two smaller studio monitors, the Type 30 offers XLR and RCA connections as well as a free input-card system that can receive the HEDD Bridge modules that we also offer. These modules are designed to read Dante, Ravenna Network / AES67 protocols as well as AES3/EBU.

HEDD Type 30 Specifications:

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The All New HEDD Type 20 Studio Monitor

HEDD Type 20

The All New HEDD Type 20 Studio Monitor

HEDD, the new company founded by speaker designer Klaus Heinz, has been demonstrating their brand new studio monitor at Musikmesse. The HEDD Type 20 is a fully-fledged three-way-system stuffed into a small footprint cabinet. Essentially, the Type 20 is much like the company’s Type 30 mid-field monitor, but with only one 7-inch driver instead of two. This reduces the maximum SPL by a significant 6dB, but still means there’s more than enough level for near-field or near/mid-field work.
The Type 20 is based around a strong, rubber-coated cabinet, that incorporates HEDD’s own Honeycomb-sandwich woofers (7-inch bass / 4-inch mid- range) and the HEDD Air Motion Transformer tweeter for accurate high-frequency reproduction. Three 300W Class-D ICEpower modules work in the amp section of these analogue speakers.  With the Type 20, HEDD were aiming for clarity in the midrange, better dynamics and an increased three-dimensionality across its sound stage. It boasts a usable frequency response 50kHz all the way down to 32Hz.
The Type 20 also incorporates the versatile ‘HEDD Bridge’ system. Besides standard analogue connections (XLR/RCA), the speaker can be equipped with optional AES3/AES EBU, Dante or Ravenna /AES67 cards for Audio- over-IP integration. This makes them suitable for in IP-based recording and mastering studios but also in more complex multi-channel environments such as Dolby Atmos, Auro 3D, broadcast or live concerts, where multiple separate loudspeakers have to be administrated and fed with individual high-resolution audio streams.

Available now for us HERE.

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Audient Surround Sound Integration

Audient ASP

Audient Surround Sound Integration

The ASP Console Series has been to designed to easily incorporate the ASP510 surround sound monitor controller. With some simple factory fitted connections your ASP8024-HE or ASP4816 is transformed into a 5.1 surround sound powerhouse.

Read more about how the ASP510 surround sound controller, or any other controller, can be seamlessly integrated with any ASP8024-HE or ASP4816 here:

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Barefoot Sound Presents Masters of the Craft with Alex da Kid

Barefoot Sound Presents Masters of the Craft with Alex da Kid

Barefoot Sound Presents Masters of the Craft with Alex da Kid

In this video Alex Da Kid discusses his work and how he utilises the Barefoot MicroMain45 monitors in his creative process. Alex Da Kid is a grammy nominated and multi millon selling record producer. He believes that “To be a master of your craft, I think the key element you need is obsession. There just can’t be something that you just do for a short period of time. It needs to be something that consumes you as a person”

Follow the link below to watch the video at

Masters of the Craft with Alex da Kid