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Roland Announces the NEW TR-8S Rhythm Performer

Roland TR-8S_angle

Roland Announces the NEW TR-8S Rhythm Performer

Design custom kits with authentic TR Drums, stereo samples, and powerful effects.
Create evolving performances with 128 patterns, variations, fills and motion recording.
Perfect your sound in the studio, and then drop it live onstage.

Introducing the TR-8S: Roland’s TR drum machines, evolved.


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MOOG – Introducing DFAM (Drummer From Another Mother)


MOOG – Introducing DFAM (Drummer From Another Mother)

Today we introduce the first addition to the Mother ecosystem — DFAM (Drummer From Another Mother) is an original electronic instrument for the exploration of new concepts in rhythm and resonance. This highly-interactive, Semi-Modular Analog Percussion Synthesizer is a vibrant deviation from the traditional drum machine — presenting an expressive hands-on approach to percussive pattern creation.

DFAM has already begun shipping from the Moog Factory and is available now at Authorized Moog Music Dealers worldwide.

Step into the creative spaces of DJ Haram, Stud1nt, and Umfang, three members of the Discwoman collective as they explore the new DFAM Semi-Modular Analog Percussion Synthesizer.

Learn more about DFAM here.

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Ride the Ancient Waves Into the New Year!

Elektron Update

Ride the Ancient Waves Into the New Year!

Ancient Waves

Sound Pack for Octatrack by Pact Infernal

If you’re looking for nuance and texture in your samples, check out the new Ancient Waves Sound Pack for Octatrack. Drum, bass, drone, pad, and effects sounds suitable for scores and songs with just that little extra bit of intensity. These samples tickle the imagination and stir things up from a fantastic, archaeopsychic past perhaps better left undisturbed.
Created by unrivaled masters of ritual ethno-techno Pact Infernal.

Status update on Digitakt OS

As we approach the end of the busiest year in Elektron’s history, we regret to inform you that, despite tremendous effort, we will not have the new Digitakt OS ready until next year. We’re sincerely sorry for the inconvenience, and we’re working hard to get it done.

We will keep you posted on the development in the new year, and hope for your continued patience and understanding.

Fresh factory content for Octatrack MKII

We’re happy to announce that the Octatrack MKII factory content is now wrapped up and ships with all machines. If you purchased previously, you’re able to download this content free of charge. Visit for instructions.

The Octatrack MKII factory content features a vast and varied selection of loops and one-shots created by renowned sample foundries such as Samples from Mars, Loopmasters, Sample Magic and Origin Sound. In short, it’s the perfect starting block for your next master piece!

OS updates for the Analog MKII units

The operating systems for both Analog Four MKII and Analog Rytm MKII have been updated to 1.30B and 1.40B respectively. Both OS:s introduce some minor changes, and has fixed a number of bugs.

Analog Four MKII OS 1.30B
Analog Rytm MKII OS 1.40B

MusicRadar reader’s poll results are in!

And they are certainly Elektron-heavy. Digitakt snagged the number one position in the drum machine category, closely followed by Octatrack at number three, and Analog Drive was voted the best new hardware effect.

We’re honored, and thank you all for your love!

Elektron Talk: Chris Hülsbeck

Please meet the humble video game composer Chris Hülsbeck. His works have made an impact on nearly every platform since video game music was even possible. Giana Sisters (Commodore 64), Turrican (Amiga, SNES, Megadrive), and Star Wars Rogue Squadron (PC and console) to name just a few. We intercepted him in his motor home (in which he lives, works and travels across the United States) somewhere under the Arizona sun, to talk about life, work, and his brand new Digitakt.

Upcoming Events

Forthcoming Elektron related events around the globe:

Jan 25-28, 2018 | NAMM 2018 | Anaheim, CA, USA

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Roland Boutique


Roland TR-08 Rhythm Composer

The Roland TR-08 is an obsessively detailed and faithful replica of the legendary TR-808—easily the most famous and influential drum machine ever made. After creating a monumental shift in the sound of music, the “808” has continued to shape and define entire genres. Beloved by musicians and producers the world over, it’s one of the most revered and sought-after electronic musical instruments of all time. The TR-08 brings the look, sound, and feel of the original 808—with stunning accuracy—to the Roland Boutique format. It blends attention to detail and respect for legacy with modern convenience and reliability.

Roland TR-08

Roland SH-01A Synthesizer

The Roland SH-01A is a meticulous reproduction of the iconic Roland SH-101, one of the most popular classic synthesizers of all time. Our Analog Circuit Behavior (ACB) technology reproduces the SH-101’s legendary sounds by faithfully recreating the actual behavior of the original analog circuits, right down to the fine details and odd quirks that have endeared the synth to musicians and producers for decades. The SH-01A builds on the great sounds and creative immediacy of the original, now in the popular Roland Boutique format—offering exciting new polyphonic capabilities, inspiring new performance features, and a level of authenticity that could only come from Roland.

Roland SH-01A

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Introducing the Elektron Digitakt

Introducing the Elektron Digitakt

Beat making powerhouse

We’re excited to announce Digitakt, an eight track digital drum machine and sampler. The rich feature set, the powerful digital sound engine, the compact size and the all new back-lit buttons and super crisp OLED screen make it a portable and focused instrument for producers and live musicians. And eight dedicated MIDI tracks, all featuring legendary Elektron sequencer tricks, elevate Digitakt to a capable control hub.

Digitakt specifications

  • 8 internal audio tracks
  • 8 dedicated MIDI tracks
  • 1 × Digital multi-mode filter per audio track
  • 1 × Assignable LFO per track
  • Delay and Reverb send FX
  • Sampling capability
  • 64 MB sample memory
  • 1 GB +Drive storage
  • 2 × ¼” input & 2 × ¼” balanced output
  • 1 × High Speed USB 2.0 port
  • MIDI IN, OUT and THRU ports
  • Overbridge support
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New to AWAVE | Arturia DrumBrute

New to AWAVE | Arturia DrumBrute

Providing 17 distinct, fully analog drum and percussion instruments with an intuitive sequencer, massive connectivity, a two-mode Steiner-Parker filter, and dynamic performance controls, The Arturia DrumBrute will take your beat production to the next level.

Create energetic and exciting drum beats with a single, user-friendly device. With its vast sonic potential and smooth workflow, DrumBrute meets and exceeds the expectations of demanding musicians. Bridging the gap between inspiration and technology, DrumBrute offers punchy analog drum sounds, advanced 64 step / 64 pattern sequencing possibilities and ultra-effective performance controls.

View below for more information.