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Introducing the VMS ML-1 Vintage Edition

Introducing the VMS ML-1 Vintage Edition

The ML-1 Vintage Edition takes our ultra linear microphone circuit from our VMS ML-1 Modeling Microphone and places it into a vintage 47 style body for the ultimate pairing of classic looks and modern technology.

Features include a steel frame and polished brass ring, a German-inspired, cage-style shock mount, and it also includes a wooden jewel box.

The ML-1 Vintage comes with the Classic Tubes module that recreates the sound of over $100,000 worth of famous tube microphones and preamps.

You can use the ML-1 Vintage with any clean and linear preamp to take advantage of the microphone and preamp modeling.

Vintage looks, the classic sounds of the industry’s top mics.

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University Centre Weston Install New Audient ASP8024-HE

University Centre Weston Install New Audient ASP8024-HE

University Centre Weston (UCW) made sure their new ASP8024|HE console was teaching from the moment it arrived, enlisting the help of students to manage the entire installation process – from its uncrating, right through the testing process, to putting together a guide for other users.

“Not only did they learn a lot from the process, but the experience is one they can now take forward when securing work in a studio or configuring their own studios”

Lee Sullivan, HE Music Curriculum Coordinator explains, “Several of our year three BA (Hons) Professional Music Performance and Production students worked with our technician Pete West to install and test the ASP8024|HE. This involved them completely stripping out our previous install, re-thinking the studio configuration and setting to work soldering up and testing all cables and looms.

ASP8024HE at University Centre Weston – a Teaching Excellence Framework Gold-rated higher education provider

“They also used the opportunity to completely redefine our patchbay configuration. They did really well and everything was up and running in three days. This included testing all tie-lines and fixing some wiring issues we’d had for a few years!

Teaching with Heritage: “We feel that our music production students need to understand the inner workings of a studio; where and how things connect.”

“Once installed, they thoroughly tested the console, got familiar with operating the HE and wrote a quickstart guide for our other students to refer to. Not only did they learn a lot from the process, but the experience is one they can now take forward when securing work in a studio or configuring their own studios,” says Lee, invested in ensuring students get a fully rounded education.

ASP8024-HE: “perfect for demonstrating desk architecture and signal flow/routing”

“We feel that our music production students need to understand the inner workings of a studio; where and how things connect. We also feel that our degree students should take ownership of the studio and run it like a commercial concern,” he says.

Due to the timing of the Audient desk’s arrival – part-way through the academic year – it was important for everybody to get to grips with it as quickly as possible, so they could progress with their studio production portfolios. It wasn’t a hard sell. “As soon as the console was up and running we couldn’t keep our students off it! We held a full-day console familiarity workshop to get the students up-to-speed, which was also part delivered by the same students who installed the console.”

Now at the end of the academic year, there is time to reflect on the decision to choose Audient. “Brand and company reputation, ease of use, comprehensive feature-set, build quality, sonic characteristics,” says Lee, listing some of the reasons. “Value for money and reliability were key considerations. There are Audient consoles out there still operating flawlessly after 10 years. That’s what we need – a robust and reliable console that will provide a great return on our investment.

“There are Audient consoles out there still operating flawlessly after 10 years. That’s what we need – a robust and reliable console that will provide a great return on our investment.”

“We love the sound of the console, the no-nonsense layout, ease of use. It’s perfect for demonstrating desk architecture and signal flow/routing etc,” he continues. “We went for the DLC option and this works really providing just the right level of control in and out of the box. The build quality is awesome and it’s reassuring to know that Audient are UK based and just a phone call away if we do have any issues.”

Audient is pretty confident he won’t.

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In The Spotlight – Aspen Pittman’s Designs

In The Spotlight – Aspen Pittman’s Designs

Aspen Pittman’s designs have been coveted by legendary musicians and record producers for nearly 40 years. His best selling Tube Amp Book has sold over 140,000 copies. He has designed dozens of tube guitar amps, stage and studio microphones, and has designed and built over a dozen unique electron vacuum tubes from scratch.

Aspen’s inventions, such as the Speaker Emulator, changed the way we record guitar, and his Center Point Stereo technology will forever change the way we produce live music. Aspen’s audio designs have earned multiple utility patents both in the USA and around the world, and have garnered top awards in multiple fields including the prestigious TEC award for best microphone design.

So it seemed only fitting to brand his new company simply Aspen Pittman Designs.

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Nord Stage 3 88, 76 & 73 Compact – In Stock

Nord Stage 3 88, 76 & 73 Compact – In Stock

The Nord Stage 3 is the fifth generation of our successful Stage series continuing our vision of the ultimate instrument for the performing musician.

Our outstanding new flagship instrument features our latest award-winning technologies including the Nord Lead A1 Synth Engine with sample playback, our acclaimed Nord C2D organ, a greatly enhanced Piano Section and extensive hands-on Effects – all in one exceptional performance keyboard.

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Manley Labs Factory Tour and Interview with President EveAnna Manley

Manley Labs Factory Tour and Interview with President EveAnna Manley

The president of Manley Labs EveAnna Manley is a sharp individual. Her manufacturing operation is based out of Chino, California and is capable of producing metric tons of both pro-side and audiophile goods – all hand assembled in the US. I briefly ran into EveAnna at the musician’s convention NAMM this year, and she graciously invited me to stop by the offices for a tour. It is an interesting and enlightening experience and one that I had previously seen before, so it was easy to say yes for a more formal, image-intensive go ’round.

The large warehouse on the eastern outskirts of Los Angeles houses a plethora of Manley duties, including operations, manufacturing and even some design work. EveAnna conducts most of the tour herself, laying down intriguing facts, stories and insights into what its like producing tube based-amplifiers and microphones for world consumption. Manley does ship a significant percentage of their wares outside the border of the United States. Harnessing a global presence since the late 90’s, Manley broke away from its originating company Vacuum Tube Logic (VTL) and formally settled in its Chino location in 1993. Now sales cater to the world stage (and studios) as well as a good chunk of tube tech oriented at the analog-loving audiophile market.

EveAnna is quick to point out that so much of the company’s output is handled under one roof. Mechanical engraving, assembly and especially transformer winding all happen under the watchful supervision of the in-house staff. Multiple offices are even equipped with treadmill desks for those who prefer the proper stature of an upright workday.

Several material cutting machines craft, saw and pummel metal into the appropriate shapes and designs on the far side of the building. EveAnna has attempted to streamline the entire process for maximum efficiencies with systems for ordering, inventory and shipping in constant churn.

A now-ancient Apple computer mans the helm at a mechanical engraving station (as an alternative to laser engraving). The interface has to be manually programmed with line-level syntax and backed up on giant 5 1/4″ floppy disks, but provides an interesting look for some of Manley’s faceplates.

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Meet the New Modern Recording Studio

Slate Media Technology RAVEN MTi CORE Station with 2 RAVEN MTi2s

Meet the New Modern Recording Studio

Slate Digital are pleased to introduce the completion of the modern recording studio concept, the RAVEN CORE Station. Now with seamless sidecar racks (in stock now), you can achieve the ultimate combination of sleek looks, ergonomics, and lightning fast workflow.

Click the video below to experience the incredible workflow of RAVEN Consoles.

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July News from Manley Laboratories

Manley Labs

July News from Manley Laboratories

– First, A Note from EveAnna Manley –

Happy Summer to all of our business partners around the globe! We want to thank everyone for your continued support of the brand and especially for welcoming JB Lierre onboard as our new Director of International Sales. He and Gamma have been reaching out to everyone. With this newsletter we are going to try to be more proactive about staying in touch with everyone.

At the factory we have been working on finalizing some new hifi designs. I recently was lucky to add Dylan Wahl to our design team. Dylan has vast experience with all sorts of engineering – ranging from automotive electronics to automation design to particle accelerators and other non-audio disciplines. I first met Dylan through mastering engineer Pete Lyman. Dylan had designed and constructed brand new record lathe control circuitry for Pete’s lathe at Infrasonic Mastering. I was immediately impressed with the clean layouts and clever features he had designed for Pete. Also we are all motorbike enthusiasts…so we got along instantly. For the last few years Dylan was working with record lathe legend Len Horowitz at History of Recorded Sound, restoring lathes for folks all around the world. At Len’s place in Culver City I got to see Doug Sax’s epic Mastering Labs record cutting systems being restored for their current owner, Acoustic Sounds, and I got to see how they repair and rewind cutter heads. Working with Len, Dylan developed his listening skills and vacuum tube chops. He brings a wealth of skills to our team along with a kind heart and buckets of patience! I am really excited to have multi-talented Dylan Wahl working with us.



As some of you may have noticed, we’ve recently updated our logo, returning to the classic engraver’s font used many moons ago. Please visit the link below to download all new logo assets, and make sure your marketing department is aware of the changes – these apply to the entire Manley brand worldwide, so your dealers will need to update their websites and other materials accordingly.


We’ve just produced four audio demonstration videos featuring our new Nu Mu Stereo Limiter Compressor – you can view them all on our YouTube channel, or download them via the link below.

Please be sure to share these with your dealers, and get them up on their Nu Mu product pages if possible…

TEC Manley


The Manley Reference Silver Tube Microphone has been nominated for a TEC Award in the Technical Achievement category for Microphones (Recording) – we are so honored!



Established in 1991 in Tokyo, Japan, Hook Up is one of Manley’s very oldest partners. Their relationship with Manley dates all the way back to 1992 (!), and they’ve remained one of Manley’s strongest importers for many decades.

In Hook Up’s words: “At our start, we focused on MI products, then expanded with Pro Audio gear – including Manley Labs – at a very early phase. In that way, we have grown up together with Manley in the Pro Audio market. Now Manley gear is well-known in Japan as a very high-quality top brand.”

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Slate Digital Classic Tubes 3

Slate Digital Classic Tubes 3

Description: Product ID VMSCT3

The Classic Tubes 3 Expansion Pack adds five new lush, vintage, and warm tube mics to the Virtual Microphone System mic locker.  From German classics to custom hybrid Tube/Ribbon mics, these mics will help give your recordings a classic tone and feel.

Included Microphones:

  • FG-37A
  • FG-44
  • FG-47 MKII
  • FG-67 MKII
  • FG-49

Minimum System Requirements:

  • Quad Core i5 Processor
  • 4GB of RAM
  • Mac OS X 10.7 or Later
  • Windows 7 & Above
  • Classic Tubes license required (ML-1)
  • iLok 2 or 3 Required

Recommended System Requirements:

  • Quad Core i7 Processor
  • 8GB of RAM
  • Mac OS X 10.9 or Later
  • Windows 7 & Above
  • iLok 2 or 3 Required

Supported Plugin Formats:

  • Intel Mac 32bit: VST2, VST3, AU, AAX
  • Intel Mac 64bit: VST2, VST3, AU, AAX
  • Windows 32bit: VST2, VST3, AAX
  • Windows 64bit: VST2, VST3, AAX
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One Year Later – Strange Weather’s API Legacy AXS Console

One Year Later – Strange Weather’s API Legacy AXS Console

One Year Later: Strange Weather’s API Legacy AXS Console

JUNE 2018; BROOKLYN, NY: Last year, Strange Weather studio installed a 32 channel Legacy AXS at its Brooklyn facility. The studio had been home to a 1608 console since 2007, with expansions added over the years, but Producer/Engineer and studio owner Marc Alan Goodman was ready for a console upgrade.

“We made hundreds of amazing records on the 1608 for over a decade,” said Goodman. “But eventually we found ourselves wanting even more routing options, so we decided to upgrade to the new Legacy AXS.”

In the year since Strange Weather has installed the AXS console, the studio has been heavily booked, with Producer/Mixer and Goodman’s business partner Daniel Schlett commenting that the console has drawn new engineers, producers and artists to the studio.

Schlett notes that the albums he and Goodman have worked on have been extremely diverse, and adds, “The fact that the AXS was always able to deliver what we needed and keep up with the quick pace of the sessions was super helpful.”

Strange Weather recently tracked and mixed albums for Steve Gunn, Kassa Overall and Big Yuki, to name a few. The studio also has a few projects in the pipeline for this summer with Curtis Harding, Sly 5th Ave, and Melanie Charles, among others.

“The console has absolutely improved the workflow of our studio,” says Schlett. “The new console’s available routing features allow for all types of situations to move more efficiently. In both recording and mixing sessions, we’ve found the console to work in a number of ways to make all tasks to move easily and quickly.” 

“There are almost too many exciting features to list,” Schlett adds. “We love the automated bus matrix section, the built in 2500, all of the available auxes, and, at the end of the day, the reliability and sound!” 

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PRS Guitars Available at Awave

PRS Guitars Available at Awave

Located in Stevensville, Maryland, Paul Reed Smith Guitars is one of the world’s premier guitar and amplifier manufacturers. Since our humble beginning in 1985, PRS Guitars has always strived to create the highest quality instruments possible. Now available at Awave!