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Hear Technologies – NEW Video Tutorials Hear Back PRO Advanced Features


Hear Technologies – NEW Video Tutorials Hear Back PRO Advanced Features

Initialize Mixer Desktop

Reset all volume levels to zero and pans to center.

Stereo Link Mode

Link a pair of channels for stereo and allows adjusting stereo placements and widths.


Group PRO Mixers for adjusting volume controls on multiple mixers.

Solo In Place

Solo a selected channel at same volume level as mix.

Preset Copy and Paste

Copy presets from one PRO Mixer to another.

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Undertone Audio In Stock at Awave

Undertone Audio_Awave

Undertone Audio In Stock at Awave

There are a few limitations of the original Fairchild that we set out to address. First, we have made careful adjustments to the circuitry that greatly improve the lifespan and reliability of the tubes. Additionally, we’ve added a whole host of exciting new features that have never before been available on a Fairchild. The UnFairchild sports 6 original preset Time Constants and 4 variable Time Constants (attack and release), MS function, side chain processing, a true bypass, fine adjustment of left/right balance, user adjustable “DC Threshold”, and “Feed-Back” vs. “Feed-Forward” functionality. With the UnFairchild, we’ve made this extraordinary circuit flexible enough to handle pretty much every compression task on any style of music.

Checkout the Unfarichild 670M II and more below.

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The mpressor 500 Receives the TEC Award!

The mpressor 500 Receives the TEC Award!

We are super excited to announce that elysia has just won the TEC Award. It’s the mpressor 500 which actually made it in the category Signal Processing Hardware (500 Series Modules).
We are so honored by this, and we would like to take the opportunity to thank all of our friends and customers for your amazing support during the last 12 years.

Watch this video to get some ideas on how to use the mpressor 500 on all kinds of different sources, and learn how to benefit from its great number of truly useful special features. Plus, there are tons of sound samples available in our SoundCloud channel.

And here is the mpressor 500‘s big brother and ancestor, the mpressor rack. Most of the creative and innovative features of this monster of a compressor have actually found their way into the module as well. This video is all about the origin.

For those who like to work hybrid or in the DAW exclusively, the mpressor is also available as a plugin. The amazing emulation has been created in cooperation with Brainworx, and it’s available for all major platforms including UAD.
Check it out here!

Why do we call the mpressor “the compressor from the future“? It was actually NYC producer Joel Hamilton who awarded this title to the rack version. In this video, Joel explains what he likes about the concept and the special features of one of his most favorite compressors. Enjoy!

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Black Lion Audio Patchbay Rack 8


Black Lion Audio Patchbay Rack 8

Our industry has seen the explosion of 500 series products in recent years and with it, an equal number of 500 series power supplies.  This format excels in its potential for quickly dialing in sounds, however, has been greatly limited by the lack of flexible routing options without the use of expensive external patchbays and wiring harnesses. The portability and compactness of has always been balanced out with the need for bulky, full 19” rack mountable patch bays. The ability to use a 500 Series setup in a live performance has been hampered by the need to carry around heavy snakes and have access to the back panel on stage, with no easy solution for linking modules in separate racks.

We at Black Lion Audio have never settled for industry convention or what is considered “good enough.”  Instead, as always, we have approached this problem with the goal of delivering functionality and performance never before available.  Enter the Patchbay Rack 8!  Equipped with a fully balanced TT/Bantam patchbay, the PBR-8 has unlimited routing options for quickly dialing in sounds that don’t require modules to be loaded in any particular order.  Easily try out a signal chain, re-route it, split it using one of the built-in “Mults”, send it to modules in another rack, route it back, then send it out, all from the front panel!

Providing a stable and reliable power supply has been long been one of the issues dogging this format.  To solve this issue, the PBR-8 features OST (On Slot Technology) developed in Europe by Heritage Audio.  This technology allows us to take advantage of individual regulation per channel, insuring that noise, power issues or crosstalk of one module do not effect other modules. The hefty power supply provides 400mA per rail per slot maximum, with an overall of 1.6A (1.8A non continuous) per rail, whichever is reached first.  Coupled with the patchbay, this OST not only makes the PBR-8 one of the quietest and most reliable 500 series power supplies, but without the most functional and flexible ever built.

Available End of Q1 / Early Q2.

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Arturia RackBrute 3U & RackBrute 6U Eurorack Housing System

arturia rackbrutes

Arturia RackBrute 3U & RackBrute 6U Eurorack Housing System

RackBrute 3U is an adjustable Eurorack housing system that will store, protect, and power your sound modules. Putting everything within easy reach, it’s the perfect solution for modern musicians who want to total control of their creative space. RackBrute also makes it easy to pack down and travel to gigs thanks to its innovative design, keeping your precious modules safe from harm. It also features a dedicated power module to provides quick access to global power,with status LEDs.

RackBrute Features:

• Robust steel and aluminium frame

• Comfortable padded handle for pain-free travel

• Configurable layout to suit any style of play

• Power module: power supply with 1600mA +12V output, 1600mA -12V output and 900mA +5V output. 5HP width.

• Space to connect up to 20 modules

• Link system: connect to another RackBrute to expand your collection, or MiniBrute 2 or MiniBrute 2S to create a full-blown modular synth creative EcoSystem

• Retractable Spacers to prevent collisions while in transit.

• 88HP total width, 83HP available when power supply module is connected

RackBrute 3U Specifications: Number of HP: 88 | Number of HP with power supply module connected: 83 | Included 5HP power module: 800mA +12v output, 800mA -12V output and 900mA +5V output | Power Rail with Noise Filtering: 20 standard power slots / 2 x 10-slot zoness with 800mA on +12V and on -12V

RackBrute 6U Specifications: Number of HP: 176 | Number of HP with power supply module connected: 171 | Included 5HP power module: 1600mA +12v output, 1600mA -12V output and 900mA +5V output | Power Rail with Noise Filtering: 32 standard power slots / 2 x 10-slot zoness with 800mA on +12V and on -12V

A flexible solution Whether you prefer to patch your modules facing up on your desk, at an angle while standing, or face-on while performing, RackBrute has you covered. You can even fold down the system to safe travelling or storage. No other Eurorack case gives you this level of flexibility.

Solid as a rock A safehouse for your precious collection, RackBrute is a robust, balanced system that won’t wobble or collapse. The mix of metal frame, solid housing, and firm padding is reassuringly tough, and won’t let you down. The optional RackBrute Travel Bag will also keep your equipment scratch, splash, and dust free.

Lock and load: the Arturia Link Although it works beautifully as a configurable stand for your modular rig, the RackBrute system has been designed to work perfectly with the latest generation of Arturia hardware synths. Now it’s easy to create a portable, customizable musical ecosystem thanks to the Arturia Link. Hook up the MiniBrute or MiniBrute 2S with ease, and look forward to more synths adopting this superb, patent-free connection system. * 5HP power module included, MiniBrute 2/2S sold separately

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Jacob Collier and Grace Design


Jacob Collier and Grace Design

Grammy Winning multi-instrumentalist Jacob Collier talks about working with his Grace Design m108 microphone preamplifiers and m905 monitor controller in his newly updated recording studio.

Learn more about Jacob:…

Learn more about Grace Design:

Video produced and directed by:
Russ Hughes

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Introducing the New Dangerous Music CONVERT-AD+


Introducing the New Dangerous Music CONVERT-AD+


Adjustable Sample Rate lets you cycle through 6 sample rates for universal compatibility with other devices

  • Selectable Calibration Level cycles through three calibration levels for compatibility with other devices
  • Toggle between two discrete, selectable stereo inputs with two switchable stereo input paths
  • Clip Guard will turn off the red light LED at your destination (i.e. DAW)
  • Premium custom crafted digital meter with Normal and Peak Hold modes provides precise visual feedback
  • Zoom view lets you view only the top 10dB of your signal level, for a finer, magnified resolution
  • Word Clock with three Modes: Internal, External and Master
  • X-FORMER insert button engages some of Chris Muth’s sonic wizardry via a pair of customized HAMMOND™ transformers
  • EMPHASIS shelving EQ/Compressor induces 2nd order harmonic distortion to blend in a bit of mid warmth and sparkle
  • USB connection for Mac/PC
  • Comprehensive I/O
    • Two switchable stereo input paths
    • Dual AES Outputs
    • ADAT Optical Output
    • SPDIF Optical Output
    • SPDIF COAX output


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Daking Mic Pre IV – In Stock at Awave

Daking Mic Pre IV

Daking Mic Pre IV – In Stock at Awave

Daking Mic Pre IV 4-Channel Class A Mic Preamp, a highly cost-effective solution for high-end preamps to be used in studio or live applications.

Daking Mic Pre IV 4-Channel Class A Mic Preamp Details

The Daking Mic-Pre IV offers four channels of high performance, Class A preamplifiers in a single rack space unit with outboard power supply. Configured for four microphone inputs or four line inputs from XLR/TRS Neutrik combo jacks on the back, plus four line inputs (+10 to -50) or 1/4 hi-z instrument inputs on the front, the Mic-Pre IV utilizes all discrete Class A circuitry with transformer-balanced inputs and outputs. The new Mic-Pre IV from Geoffrey Daking & Co. is the latest example of exemplary audio quality and craftsmanship in the tradition of the great British console manufacturers.

The Daking Mic-Pre IV is a highly cost-effective solution for high-end preamps to be used in studio or live applications. Used standalone or in conjunction with a console, each input offers continuously variable gain control using Daking’s signature aluminum knobs, a 20-segment LED level meter with +24db peak indicator, switchable mic/line or hi-z instrument, switchable +48V phantom power, switchable input phase and switchable 20dB pad.

The Daking Mic-Pre IV is housed in a robust all stainless steel enclosure with an outboard DC power supply in a separate housing, offering not only durability but immunity from noise and RF interference. The attention to detail extends to the internal components, which include gold bifurcated contacts on all relay switching. The supplied universal power supply can operate at any voltage for use worldwide.

IN STOCK AT AWAVE – Order yours now:

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In The Spotlight: CLASSIC Legendary Sound of Black Lion

Black Lion Audio Logo

In The Spotlight: CLASSIC Legendary Sound of Black Lion

Black Lion Audio B173 Mic Pre

The B173 is Black Lion Audio’s homage to the highly revered Neve 1073 mic pre. The B173 is a single channel mic pre-amp with input and output transformers, stepped gain, output level control, phantom power, and phase. It features a DI, 80dB of gain, and is housed in a 1U, 1/2 rack chassis.


Black Lion Audio B12A MkII Mic Pre

Inspired by the classic American rock sound of the original API 312A, the B12A MkII delivers the high-end sound and rugged quality you’d expect from B.L.A., at an amazing price! The B12A MkII is a single-channel microphone preamp in the style of an API 312A, and features an upgraded input transformer, higher gain, and lower noise than the original B12A. It also features an output transformer, a Hi-Z input, phantom power, pad, phase, and is housed in a 1U, 1/2 rack chassis.


Black Lion Audio Micro Clock MkIII

The Micro Clock MkIII is a significant redesign of its predecessor, the Micro Clock MkII. Core technological improvements include lower-jitter crystal oscillators, higher-quality galvanic transformer isolation in the signal path, dedicated output drivers with better isolation, higher-precision signal division, and much heavier noise filtration throughout the circuit. All of this results in a more robust, lower-jitter clock signal than the Micro Clock MkII, with even more desirable harmonics in the clock’s spectral band that impart an undeniable musical quality to the conversion process. The feature set has expanded to include an LED frequency display, six BNC outputs capable of up to 384kHz, AES and RCA S/PDIF outputs capable of up to 192kHz, an optical S/PDIF output capable of up to 96kHz, and removable 1U rack ears.


Take a deeper look at Black Lion’s B173, the B12A and the Micro Clock MKIII below: