MOTU MasterWorks Collection



Processing Plug-in Bundle with EQ, Leveler, and Reverb – Mac VST, AU, RTAS

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MOTU MasterWorks Collection

  Available by popular demand! The MasterWorks Collection features a series of MOTU’s highly respected processors, available for the first time ever for all major DAWs. This 3-in-1 value gets you the decidedly British-sounding MasterWorks EQ, the LA-2A-inspired MasterWorks Leveler, and the advanced yet CPU-efficient ProVerb. Let’s take a look at each plug-in in the bundle. First up is the MasterWorks EQ. This sweet-sounding, very musical EQ plug-in draws its inspiration from legendary British console EQs. In fact, even the look and feel of the plug-in hearkens back to those analog console days. Best yet, though, you get to massage your tracks with that console-style EQ sound, while enjoying the flexibility and convenience of an RTAS, AU, and VST plug-in. Studio professionals and all-around audiophiles have been talking about the MasterWorks EQ for years. Now it’s yours, at a really nice bundle price. Next in the MOTU MasterWorks Collection is the MasterWorks Leveler, perhaps the most famous of the trio here. Pull up this plug-in and you’re greeted with an extremely accurate re-creation of the legendary Teletronix LA-2A optical leveling amplifier. There’s a lot to say about the LA-2A and, no doubt, miles of text about this vintage piece of gear available on the Net. Suffice it to say, this plug-in can work its rich, unbelievably LA-2A-esque magic on your tracks. The third plug-in in the MOTU MasterWorks Collection is ProVerb, which manages to bring high-quality convolution reverb to your DAW with surprising efficiency. Call it up and you have dozens of lush, spacious, and airy spaces to enhance your mixes. Choose among plates, rooms, stage, halls, cathedrals, and more, and use ProVerb’s real-time parameters to sculpt your sound the way you see fit. There’s even a unique Dynamic Mix feature that can auto-“duck” the wet signal as your dry input signal rises. Very cool. This triple-punch of MOTU processing power has been on the wish list of countless DAW patrons. Put these tools in your own plug-in army, and you’re sure to reap the sonic rewards the industry’s been buzzing about for years. At this price, the MasterWorks Collection is quite the steal. MOTU MasterWorks Collection Plug-in Bundle Features at a Glance:

  • Includes MasterWorks EQ, MasterWorks Leveler, and ProVerb
  • EQ based on British-style console sound
  • Leveler is a re-creation of the Teletronix LA-2A optical leveling amplifier
  • ProVerb is a CPU-efficient convolution reverb
  • Mac AU, RTAS, VST