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Modern recording technology lets you get impressive results “in the box,” but you love the warmth and texture you can only get from analog gear. Now, thanks to Dave Hill Designs’ astounding RA plug-in, you get the best of both worlds! RA lets you dial in a stellar combination of compression character and rich harmonic content and apply it to your tracks and other plug-ins. Best of all, you get complete control over how you apply RA’s goodness to your audio; you can choose to affect low and high frequencies independently. You can bring out sparkling detail, add fullness to the low end, dial in just enough grit to make a track stand out, or keep a high-transient instrument (such as a snare or a kick) under control – with smooth, analog-style feel. Once you’ve experienced RA, you’ll want to use it on everything.

Looking for that elusive “glue” that makes analog mixes sound so cohesive? Apply RA to the bass guitar and drum buses and dial in that low-end content. You’ll be amazed at how your separate tracks almost instantly become a powerful rhythm section. Apply RA to guitar and bring out detail – even add subtle grit to louder passages, for an even more expressive passages. RA doesn’t just accentuate the character of an instrument; this amazing (and very easy-to-use) plug-in lets you elevate performances at the mix stage.

Dave Hill Designs RA TDM Plug-in Features:

  • Even Harmonics controls for independently adjusting harmonic content in top and bottom ranges of audio
  • Low Level controls adjust low level content and generate third-order harmonics
  • Peak rounds off peaks of wave shapes and generates third-order harmonics
  • Hardness control limits Peak
  • Drive control lets you adjust the aggressiveness of the effect
  • Level Trim allows for easy level matching
  • TDM
  • Mac

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