USB 2.0 L-slot Interface for Aurora 8 and 16 Converters

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Lynx Studio Technology



The Lynx LT-USB USB 2.0 L-slot interface outfits your Aurora 8 or 16 AD/DA converter with USB 2.0 connectivity! Perfect for on-the-go recording with your laptop rig, the LT-USB allows your Aurora converter to interface with virtually any Mac or PC computer. The LT-USB provides you with enough bandwidth for up to 16 channels of digital and analog I/O at up to 96kHz sample rates. What’s more, the LT-USB also features a USB 2.0 B-type input port, which allows you to connect another Aurora converter with a LT-USB.

Lynx LT-USB USB 2.0 L-slot Interface Features:

* Manufactured in the USA by Lynx Studio Technology, Inc.
* Works with Apple and Windows PCs, including laptops, with compatible USB 2.0 receivers
* Supports ASIO and WDM for Windows and CoreAudio for Mac OSX
* All relevant settings, such as sample rate selection, sync source selection, channel routing, latency, and buffer size are enabled, controlled and monitored from the host computer
* The two USB 2.0 connectors will allow daisy chaining of LT-USB equipped Aurora converters
* Easily installed into Aurora converters
* Two USB 2.0 400 (1 x A-type, 1 x B-type) ports
* Ideal for in-studio or remote recording applications
* Full WDM implementation allows multiple channel support of 5.1 and 7.1 surround playback formats
* Up to 16 channels of analog and digital I/O at 96 kHz

The Lynx LT-USB USB 2.0 L-slot interface gives your Aurora converter USB 2.0 connectivity!