Cycling 74 Max 8

Interactive Programming Environment for Creating and Processing Music, Audio, and Media – Mac/PC
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Cycling 74


Cycling 74 Max 8

Unleash Your Creative Potential with Max 8

Packed with powerful new features, Cycling 74 Max 8 is a veritable playground for musicians, sound designers, and multimedia wizards who want unlimited creativity. Boasting numerous performance improvements, a streamlined interface designed for speed, and a collection of new, robust tools to realize your ideas faster than ever, Max 8 lets you easily create your own sound generators, effects processors, video manipulators, and sequencers. If you can imagine it, you can probably create it within Max 8. With its integrated tutorials and documentation, plus a searchable database of objects and examples, Max 8 is easy to get started with.

Object-based creation with Max

The Max 8 environment lets you create a chain or matrix of different “objects,” each of which perform a specific function. You don’t need to know anything about coding to use Max, and the included tutorials help you get up to speed fast by showing you how to make commonly used devices like a polyphonic synth or an LFO. There are over 150 objects to play with, and the potential is only limited by your imagination.

What’s new in Max 8

  • Control complex soundscapes with MC
  • Noticeably faster performance (large patches load up to 4x faster)
  • Simplified MIDI and keyboard control with Mappings feature (inspired by DAWs such as Ableton Live)
  • New objects, including chooser, multirange, frame~ and framesnap~, console, and MIDI objects
  • MIDI objects for 14-bit continuous controller, registered and non-registered parameter messages
  • Vizzie 2, completely rebuilt with OpenGL, with over 80 high-level modules for interactive video
  • NodeJS for Max lets you build custom servers or run small applications directly from your Max patch
  • Numerous enhancements for streamlined patching workflows
  • Search sidebar lets you instantly access thousands of Max examples and tutorials
  • Compatibility improvements for working with shell plug-ins, multichannel audio file formats, Mac and Windows OS, and more
  • Many more features, including VST3 and Gen for events

Control complex soundscapes with MC

MC will transform how you think about sound design, effects processing, and mixing. MC builds on how you already work with Max. Simply type “mc.” before the name of any MSP object. Connect MC objects with multichannel patch cords and mix to any number of audio outputs. With MC, objects and patch cords contain multiple audio channels, which means you can easily apply controls across a range of audio channels and patches with dozens of audio channels, and it will look as simple as those with a single channel. Max 8’s ability to manipulate so many audio channels and operations with so few objects will open up a new universe of ideas.

Unlimited sonic potential with MSP

MSP is a set of tools within Max 8 specifically designed for audio processing. You can build your own custom synthesizer, then design an interface you can use to control it with any type of controller you can connect to your computer — even a video game controller. Create your own effects processors — delays, filters, and modulators are just the beginning. Or create a chain of processors to split your audio signal into 473 different bands, phase-invert every odd-numbered band, then multiply the even-numbered bands by pi to create a … we’re not sure what that would create actually, but if you want to, you can do it in Max 8!

Powerful video creativity with Jitter

Jitter lets you create and manipulate video and graphics directly within Max 8. You can bet that, with tools such as spatial warping and color space conversion, you’ll be coming up with video effects a lot more interesting than sepia! And since Jitter works within the Max environment, you can use your audio to affect your video, or use your video to manipulate your audio effect parameters, or even convert audio and video streams directly into geometry data to render kaleidoscopic 3D graphics. Seriously amazing, and seriously addictive.

Cycling 74 Max 8 Programming Environment Features:

  • Packed with powerful new features and streamlined workflow enhancements
  • Flexible object-based environment lets you unleash your creative potential
  • Create your own audio effects processors and sound generators
  • Download Max 8 patches created by other users, and share your own creations with the Max 8 community
  • Create devices that let you use any computer peripheral as a control device for your Max 8 creations
  • Create stunning, interactive combinations of audio, video, and graphics