MOTU micro express USB


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MOTU micro express USB

  The Micro Express is a mini version of the MIDI Express XT. It has many of the same features as the Express XT – except that it is smaller and even more affordable. The micro Express is a half-rack unit with 4 inputs and 6 outputs. MOTU Micro Express at a Glance:

  • Easy USB interface for timing accuracy and plug-and-play connections
  • Handles all MIDI functions with ease
  • Multiple synchronization options for use with other gear

Easy USB interface for timing accuracy and plug-and-play connections The Micro Express takes full advantage of USB, giving you increased MIDI throughput, better timing accuracy, support for “hot-swapping” and plug-and-play expansion. Plus, the Micro Express can be powered by the USB bus of your Mac or PC!Need to connect another sound module or synth? No problem. Just add another Micro Express or any MOTU USB MIDI interface via a standard USB hub. Handles all MIDI functions with ease The Micro Express delivers a lot of MIDI control in a small package. With 4-in, 6-out capability, the Micro Express gives you control of up to 96 independent MIDI channels. You can merge any inputs to any outputs, route any inputs to any outputs, mute any MIDI data on any cable and re-channelize data on input and output. This means the Micro Express is great for your studio setup and your live performance rig! Multiple synchronization options for use with other gear Just because it’s small, don’t think the Micro Express is short on functionality. In fact, it offers many synchronization options for locking up your MIDI gear with sequencers, digital recorders and video feeds. With the Micro Express you can:

  • Generate and read SMPTE time code (LTC)
  • Convert LTC to MIDI Time Code (MTC) to sync a Mac, PC or other devices to SMPTE
  • Convert all SMPTE frame rates (24, 25, 29.97 drop, 29.97 non-drop, 30)
  • Stripe SMPTE time code in all frame rates
  • Convert MIDI Time Code to SMPTE time code
  • Operate in SMPTE “Jam Sync” with adjustable freewheeling for dropout-free sync
  • Connect MIDI Machine Control devices and serve as either an MMC master or slave

MOTU Micro Express Features:

  • MIDI Time Stamping (MTS) ready
  • Stand-alone MIDI patch bay/merger/processor
  • SMPTE tape sync in all formats
  • 4×6 MIDI merge matrix – connects any device to any other
  • Front panel presets for plug-and-play convenience
  • 4 independent MIDI IN
  • 6 independent MIDI OUT
  • 96 MIDI channels
  • Supports MIDI Machine Control transport messages
  • Pedal input for momentary foot switch
  • Audio click input – converts audio click into MIDI data
  • 16 presets with 8 programmable, battery-backed memory
  • Recalls setups via MIDI patch change
  • Includes software for Macintosh and Windows
  • Powered by your computer’s USB bus