Empirical Labs EL9MikeE



Channel Strip with Microphone Preamp and Compressor/Limiter

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Empirical Labs


Empirical Labs Mike-E

The Mike-E from Empirical Labs manages to do many things very well! First and foremost, it’s a modern digitally controlled mic pre. An extremely low-noise transformer on the input amplifier keeps the signal nice, strong, and clean. The next link in Mike-E’s signal chain is the CompSat section, which is comprised of a Saturator, Compressor, Emphasis, and Mix control. These four elements come together to provide your tracks with anything from straight-up classic knee compression/limiting to coloring via compression with the Mike-E channel strip.

Empirical Labs Mike-E Channel Strip Features:

  • Amazing mic pre
  • Unique compressor section

Amazing mic pre

Mike-E is above all, a fine example of what a great preamp should be, chocked with unusual features to warm and soften the source, along with an excellent compressor/limiter. Mike-E offers incredible performance via the transformer-coupled mic preamp, whose noise floor is far below any microphone’s self noise. This super-low-noise transformer input amplifier section boasts gain that is digitally controlled. This section comes standard with a shielded Lundahl transformer, but provides for a Jensen transformer also. The signal to noise far exceeds any microphone in existence, typically over 130 dB with the input shorted and 40dB of gain. Having used many mic preamps over the years, we have implemented a unique stepped gain control that should be impervious to the normal flakiness that age causes to pots and detented switches. Counting the output gain of 14 dB, a total 74 dB of gain is available to the user with the CompSat section bypassed. A 48 Volt Phantom power is provided for condenser mikes.

Unique compressor section

The one-of-a-kind ‘CompSat’ section is an uncompromising compressor and saturator circuit that offers versatile ‘coloring’, and classic knee compression. The exclusive CompSat section sets the Mike-E apart from all other mic preamplifiers. It’s comprised of four sections:

  • SaturatorThis is a multi-stage soft clipping circuit. At lower levels, a triode type saturation affects the signal. As the level increases, a second unique clip circuit that includes Germanium semiconductors starts to more severely flatten out the peaks. An LED named “BAD!” indicates harder un-musical clipping.
  • Compressor This is an uncompromising compressor/limiter circuit that allows detented control of attack and release for easy repeatability. You adjust the amount of compression with the Drive knob, which adjusts the level going into the compressor. In ways, it is quite Distressor-like, but has other differing characteristics including a much longer available attack time, and additional circuitry. Four ratios are provided, 2:1 being the gentlest with a long 20dB knee, good for subtle compression such as while tracking or on the Bus. Ratios 4:1 and 8:1 are steeper but still very smooth with long knees. Nuke is very steep (limiter like) and has a different attack & release shape.
  • Emphasis The Emphasis is actually two circuits that surround the compressor and saturator. The Pre-emphasis boosts the high frequencies before the compressor and saturator (CompSat), soft clipping them sooner than normal, while a de-emphasis cuts the frequencies complementary after the CompSat. Emphasis has the added perk of improving signal to noise, and is the reason analog tape decks used emphasis to begin with.
  • Mix Control The modern recording engineer often employs the technique of mixing between the compressed and the dry (or uncompressed) signal. This can often help maintain transients and a sense of dynamic range while enhancing the low level nuances. Mike-E has a built in mix control to submix in the uncompressed signal to the compressed signal. As the user rotates the MIX control from full right to full left, he goes from the full compressed signal to the full dry signal (absent of any compression or saturation).

Empirical Labs Mike-E Channel Strip at a Glance:

  • Mic Preamplifier with super low noise & stepped gain switching.
  • Built in Direct Box
  • ‘Colored’ 80Hz High pass filter emulates the warm low-frequency cut of vintage equalizers.
  • Phase Switch to invert the audio signal 180 degrees.
  • CompSat offers both a musical Compressor/Limiter and a unique tape-like saturation circuit
  • Emphasis high-frequency emphasis system softens high-frequency ‘pile-ups’ and further the color of the Mike-E
  • Mix Control allows the blending of the Compressed/Saturated signal with the clean unprocessed “Dry” signal
  • Frequency Response: 3 Hz to 200 kHz on (No CompSat), 3Hz – 150Khz (w/ CompSat) Optional Transformer output is 6Hz-80kHz.
  • Signal to Noise – 130 dB signal to Noise.at 40dB gain
  • Maximum output is +28dBu
  • Distortion Ranges between .0006% and 15% depending on mode and settings
  • Transformer coupled Input, Active and Transformer Outputs available
  • High quality audio caps used internally
  • Input Impedance is 600 Ohms. Output impedance is less than 38 ohms
  • Attack/Decay Ranges – .9 – 100mS attack. .15 – 1 Sec.