Forssell SMP-500

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A version of our well-known SMP-2 microphone preamplifier, the Forssell SMP-500 has been adapted to work with the API 500 series enclosures. This extremely high-quality, sonically neutral microphone preamplifier is designed for the most demanding applications.

SMP-500 circuitry features an all Class A discrete JFET front-end with a gain range of +8 to +64 dB in 24 switched steps. 

The output of the SMP-500 is fully balanced and floating, with a maximum output level of greater than +26 dBu. 

Front panel LED signal level indicators are provided to indicate 0 dBu output level (green) and output clipping (red). The clipping LED lights at +24 dBu output, which is about 2 dB before actual clipping. 

Polarity invert and P48 Phantom power switches with LED status indicators are also located on the front panel.

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