Shadow Hills Mono Gamma 500


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Shadow Hills


Hand built mic pre’s based around a discrete opamp running at 24 volts. Meticulously made from the best components right here in America. There are no ic chips or surface mount components anywhere in this design. Each channel has 3 different output transformer modes. Using trasnformers hand wound by old ladies who have been winding transformers for 20 plus years. The perfect hand tensioning, exactly matched wire gage, bobbins and laminations, make these transformers more exactly match the best vintage examples than any of the modern machine wound types. • Custom Steel Transformer (hand wound to match a favorite 1970’s American output transformer.) Tight and punchy, the sound of rock and roll
• Custom Nickel Transformer (hand wound transformer based on a L.A. custom console) Super clear and wonderful sounding
• Output isolated Transformerless output Discrete. extremely clean and uncolored
Switching between each of the different output transformer modes provides the user with 3 distinct tonal characteristics.
The versatility allows the user to select the transformer that best suits the type of recording application. For example, when recording a guitar, you may like the Steel (API style) transformer or maybe on an orchestral you may want to go transformerless. The Nickel Transformer sounds very different from the other choices, and is “the sound” of many classic recordings. You will probably find yourself eqing less, instead sculpting your sound by switching to the transformer that suits the Instrument.

Single channel vertical module version of Gama 8, fits in any API 500 series rack or console slot. 60DB gain range: reverse audio taper pot (stepped pot and St. Ives transformer options are not available as on GAMA 8), 3 transformer positions: Nickel, Discrete, Steel, Phase reverse, PAD, 1/4″ DI, bakelight knobs, Illuminated display, discrete Class A/B. Runs on the 16v API power source. These are not hot swappable.

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