Realtraps Floor Stand


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Realtraps Floor Stand

RealTraps Stands offer an attractive way to mount any of our products for easy portability, and they’re more stable than tripod base microphone stands. RealTraps Stands and Wall Stands are shown in the photos at left.

When mounted on RealTraps Stands  the trap height is adjustable over a range of two feet [61 cm], so the top of a MiniTrap or MicroTrap can be as high as 6’2″ [188 cm]. The stand base is designed to align the trap perfectly into a corner, just touching the walls, or will space the trap four inches away when parallel to a wall. Each stand weighs 10 pounds. RFZ Panels and MicroTraps may be mounted horizontally when needed, but MiniTraps can be attached vertically only.

Wall Stands are less intrusive visually than our regular RealTraps Stands, and they also cost less. They may be used with all RealTraps products, but only when leaning against a wall or into a corner. That is, they will not free-stand by themselves out in a room. However, for corner mounting MiniTraps or MondoTraps, Wall Stands are actually superior to our regular stands because they leave more room to place a 2 by 2 foot MiniTrap or Tri-Corner trap below. Wall stands can mount MiniTraps, MicroTraps, or RFZ Panels either vertically or horizontally. However, horizontal mounting is not recommended for MondoTraps due to their weight.

Note that Corner MondoTraps are meant for use with Wall Stands only, not our regular stands.

When a MiniTrap is mounted on a Wall Stand the top of the trap can be as low as 5’9″ [175 cm] or as high as 6’8″ [203 cm]. The top of a MondoTrap ranges from as low as 6’5″ [196 cm] to as high as 6’10” [208 cm].

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