BAE 1032 without Power Supply



1081 Inspired Equaliser with a 1073 Pre-Amp

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BAE 1032 without Power Supply

The BAE 1032 without Power Supply is a 4-band Mic/Line preamp by BAE was inspired by the frequencies of the classic 1081. It uses the same high-quality components and manufacturing techniques used in other BAE modules featuring the same Class A transformer-coupled circuits and same modular cards for long-term serviceability.

Along with the passive inductor high-pass filter, the 4-band equalizer provides greater coverage. The high-mid and low-mid frequencies overlap for flexibility in correcting problem frequencies. The 1032 also provides a more comprehensive high frequency shelf up to 24kHz for extended high-frequency correction without compromising the midrange.

Many people loved the EQ portion of the 1081 but the amplifier was class A/B. Our clients told us that they prefer the class A output and so we now have a 1081 inspired equalizer with a 1073 preamp.

BAE 1032 without Power Supply Features:

  • Inspired by the 1081 EQ points using the same inductor specifications.
  • Class A transformer-coupled.
  • Hand wired, all discrete using modular cards.
  • 4-band with HPF.
  • Low and High Mid-band overlapping frequencies.
  • Extended selection for high-frequency shelving.
  • High-quality Swiss made Elma® rotary switches.

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