Aurora Audio GTQC

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Aurora Audio


Aurora Audio GTQC

GTQC channel strip

All Class A microphone and DI pre-amplifier, three band equalizer, and opto, FET, and opto + FET compressor

What do you get when you combine one of our favorite preamps with a spectacular new compressor design? The GTQC combines the GTQ2 mic preamp and EQ circuit with a new compressor which features both Fet and Opto compression. Perfect for vocals the GTQC sets the new standard in the channel strip segment of the market. This box is a monster with several transformers and amplifier stages to add that vintage British character.

GTQC Preamp/ EQ Section Features :

• The same transformer balanced Class A mic preamp/ EQ from the GTQ2
• Direct input with 10dB gain and 10Mohm input impedance
• Three band EQ provides + 15dB adjustment at 80Hz (Bass), 12KHz (Treble) and mid frequencies of 400Hz, 1,600Hz and 3,200Hz
• 80Hz 18dB/octave High Pass Filter
GTQC Compressor Section Features :

• Both Fet and Opto compression
• Hybrid combination mode which allows the use of both compression circuits on the same signal
• Auto Release function that is well suited for vocals, bass, etc.
• Compressor is also transformer balanced & utilizes the same Class A amplifier stages as the GTQ2
• Internal fully regulated power supplies with ample power reserves. Specifications :
• Preamp Input impedance = 1,200 ohms or 300 ohms (switch selectable on rear panel) balanced and floating
• Compressor Input impedance = 10k ohms balanced and floating
• Both devices have transformer balanced and floating outputs that will drive any impedance from 600 ohms upwards
• D.I. Input impedance = 10Megohms
• Frequency response 50KHz + 1dB
• Distortion <0.075% @ 1KHz
• Preamp EIN • Dimensions 19” x 1U x 11” (482.6mm x 44.45mm x 279.4mm)
• Weight = 20lbs

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