Aurora Audio GTC2

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Aurora Audio


Aurora Audio GTC2

GTC2 Dual Compressor
An all discrete transistor, Class A, FET and Opto dual compressor

With a spectacular new compressor design, the Aurora Audio GTC2 sets the new standard for versatility and vibe. The new compressor which features both Fet and Opto compression is well suited for many applications including stereo buss, vocals, bass, overheads and various other sources.

Features :

• Transformer balanced inputs and outputs
• All Class A circuitry
• Both FET and OPTO attenuation circuitry. Detented pots and illuminated push-buttons provide full and easy control.
• Hybrid combination mode which allows the use of both compression circuits on the same signal
• Auto Release function that is well suited for vocals, bass, etc.
• Can be used in both stereo or dual mono applications
• Internal fully regulated power supplies with ample power reserves.
Specifications :

• Input impedance = 10k ohms transformer balanced and floating
• Balanced and floating Output will drive any impedance from 600 ohms upwards
• D.I. Input impedance = 10Megohms
• Frequency response 50KHz + 1dB
• Distortion <0.075% @ 1KHz
• Noise • Dimensions 19″ x 2U x 11″ (482.6mm x 88.9mm x 285.75mm)
• Weight = 18 lbs

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