Avedis Audio TransDrive


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Avedis Audio TransDrive

The TransDrive allows the user to interface with passive audio transformers for the purpose of attaining a specific and music signature sound. It can house a variety of different audio transformers and allows the user to change parameters with a simple selection of a rotary switch. The TransDrive includes a hard Bypass for comparing the difference the transformer is making in the chain.

  • Passive transformer interface with True Bypass
  • CUSTOM setting for more transformer saturation
  • Parallel & Series ratio selection
  • Can mount a variety of transformers
  • XLR input and outputs
  • Steel chassis with durable finish
  • Large rubber feet and solid handle for minimum vibration
  • -10dB output PAD to push input even more (customizable)
  • Unterminated or Zobel Network load switchable
  • Patented Xsolate® Ground Lift System safely isolates ground
Ratio Gain/Loss 1:2 = +6dB, 1:1 = 0dB, 2:1 = -6dB
Frequency Response 3Hz – 60kHz (-1dB)
Input Impedance @ 600 ohm load 1:2 = 150 ohm, 1:1 = 600 ohm, 2:1 = 2400 ohm
Distortion Input dependent
Noise Passive; same as source
Chassis Steel
XLR pins Pin 1 = shield, Pin 2 = Hot+, Pin 3 = Cold-
Dimensions 5.5″width, 5″ height, 7″ length (5.5″ x 6″ x 8.5″ w/knobs and rubber feet)
Weight 10 lbs 8 oz (4.8 kgs)  Western Electric 111C