Dangerous Music Master Complete


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Dangerous Music


Dangerous Music Master Complete


Between blood brothers and sisters we demand unequivocal trust. With our music we require trust that the audio systems work effortlessly- the way we want them to. Trust that we can seamlessly switch between our roles as artists or producers. Trust that our music will resonate with the emotive power from which it was forged. Trust that the listener will receive it in the purest form and be moved. Upon that trust: Dangerous delivers.


Hear Everything™. From forceful mash-ups to subtly stacked vocal whispers, you are in complete control. Craft your sound effortlessly with no monomaniacal color boxes hijacking your musical identity. Dial in precisely what you want, when you want it. No artifacts, no aftertaste, no hangovers.


Today’s audio landscape is fraught with formats. Radio, Vinyl, Streaming, Downloads, Club Mixes. Played back on disparate systems: laptops, phones, earbuds, PAs, cars- and they all sound different. How will your megahit land? Will the ballad resonate? Does the anthem deliver body blows? Get your mix to translate emotively everywhere..