SSL UVEQ UltraViolet Fusion 500 Series Stereo Equalizer



4-band 500 series stereo EQ with minimum-phase high and low shelving bands inherited from Fusion along with 2 fully parametric SSL mid-bands with ‘Focus’ mode

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Solid State Logic


SSL UVEQ UltraViolet Fusion 500 Series Stereo Equalizer

The SSL UltraViolet Fusion Stereo Equalizer is the first new Solid State Logic analog EQ circuit in more than 25 years. If you are familiar with the sonic flavors of SSL Fusion analog processor then you will be excited to know that you can get the same experience in a much more compact format. The UVEQ take two slots in your 500 Series rack. It draws on SSL’s legacy of offering careful selection of frequencies and response curves. Produce a better musical and intuitive EQ with a minimum phase shift designed to quickly dial the sound of your mix.

The UtraViolet Stereo EQ is the ideal partner for the SSL G-COMP Stereo Bus Compressor module. Now, 500 series owners can experience the SSL master bus EQ in their unique custom racks. High and low-frequency circuits each offer ±9 dB attenuation. Over and above the Fusion Violet EQ, the UltraViolet EQ takes features one step further by adding two dedicated mid-bands, with the unique Focus control, for ultimate EQ flexibility.

Focus mode allows the user to “hone in” on problem frequencies or specific frequencies they want to accentuate/attenuate. Press in the “Focus” switch, and it automatically narrows the chosen Q setting further and increases the range of gain available beyond the normal ±9 dB operation. The SSL UltraViolet Fusion Stereo Equalizer offers the SSL flexibility workflow fashion into a more surgical tool.


  • 4-band SSL stereo EQ
  • Minimum-phase high and low shelving bands inherited from Fusion
  • 2 fully parametric SSL mid-bands with Focus mode
  • 5 frequency selectable high-pass filter and dedicated output trim
  • Module signal: Stereo
  • LF Shelf EQ: ±9 dB gain at 30, 50, 70, 90 Hz
  • HF Shelf EQ: ±9 dB gain at 8k, 12k, 16k and 20 kHz
  • HMF Parametric EQ: ±9 dB gain 400 Hz – 6 kHz
  • LMF Parametric EQ: ±9 dB gain 100 Hz – 1.1 kHz
  • Switchable HPF: 30, 40, 50, 75 and 100 Hz
  • Gain Trim: ±12 dB
  • Switched Bypass: Yes