Kush Audio Omega 500



Clean, 500 Series mic preamp designed to work with Omega “Trafo” plugins to recreate the sound of legendary Neve mic or API mic preamps

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Kush Audio


Kush Audio Omega 500

While many makers of 500 Series preamps are quick to boast about the character of their innovations, Kush Audio has gone the opposite way with the Kush Audio Omega 500. The Omega is meant to be as neutral as a preamp can possibly be, allowing users to control their sound via the brand’s Omega Transformer plug-ins.

Imagine buying one mic pre that opened the door to a plethora of handpicked vintage units from API, Neve and more. Thanks to Kush’s Transient Harmonic Coupling (THC) technology, the Omega can immediately sound like any number of classic pres you want. Need even more sweetness, drive, or shimmer? Use the Transformer plug-ins to dial in the settings you want to hear on your tracks.

Whether you choose to use the Omega 500 Series Preamp as a pristine, clean audio tool or team it up with the Omega Transformer plug-ins, this pre is a resourceful tool for creators looking to have some variety in their 500 Series rack. When paired together, the pre and plug-ins create an arsenal of tones and color palette that will continue to expand for years as Kush builds out their plug-in selection.

Kush Audio Omega 500 Features:

  • Easy to use 500 Series mic preamp with optional color plug-in sonic ecosystem
  • Silky smooth, widely extended and highly detailed
  • Additional colouration of vintage Neve and API available with Trafo plug-ins
  • THC technology provides the transient response and colouration of vintage legendary mic preamps