Avedis Audio E12G 12 Band Graphic Equalizer


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Avedis Audio E12G 12 Band Graphic Equalizer

The E12G was designed for the need for a high quality graphic equalizer in a 500 series module format. Its ease of use for sound shaping and frequency correction during tracking makes the E12G an indispensable tool in the studio. There are no IC chips in the frequency bands, as customary of other graphic eq designs. Instead of IC’s, the use of Class A preamps for each band was designed to keep your music from sounding “processed”, and help to bring out every detail of harmonic richness captured by the microphone and a high-end mic preamp. Additional frequencies 12kHz and 22kHz was chosen to fill a void in the high frequencies, not found in other graphic equalizers. The Ingenius® input stage, designed by Bill Whitlock of Jensen Transformers®, provides clarity and performance found in high end input transformers.


  • 12-band graphic equalizer
  • +12/-12dB’s of boost/cut
  • Additional frequencies 12kHz and 22kHz fills a void
  • Class A design for each band, NO IC’s in the audio filters
  • Ingenius® input stage for transformer like performance
  • Jensen output transformer
  • Proportional Q narrows bandwidth at higher settings
  • Center detent sliders
  • Bypass goes through input and output stage amplifiers
  • Excellent for tracking
  • Standard 500 series modular size 1.5″ x 5.25″
Frequency Response <10Hz to -3dB at 100kHz
Input Impedance 48k ohms balanced
Output Impedance <150 ohms
Common Mode Rejection Ratio 90dB min @ 60Hz
Maximum Output Level +28 dBu @ 100KΩ, +26.5 dBu @ 600Ω
Power Requirements ±16 vdc @ 40mA per rail
Maximum Input Level +20dBu
Distortion 0.012% @ 1kHz @ 0dBu input
Equivalent Input Noise −115 dBu; Unweighted 300kHz bandwidth
Weight 1.35 lbs / 0.61kg