SPL 2Control


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SPL 2Control

he 2Control allows for connection of two sources, three speaker sets (2x stereo, 1x mono) and two headphones. Each headphone output is supplied by a separate amplifier to allow for completely independent operation of two headphones without any interaction from the other output. With the innovative crossfeed control, the 2Control allows to mix on cans.

Key features:

  • 2Control combines loudspeaker and headphone monitoring in a compact, user-friendly & high quality control device
  • Control near-field monitors, full-range speakers & headphone monitoring for two listeners from one central unit
  • Some exemplary benefits of the crossfeed control: at home, nocturnal engineers now have an alternative to full range monitors for judging stereo imaging in their mixes
  • Can serve as full stereo monitoring alternative
  • Compact housing makes it easy to transport the 2Control to have familiar monitoring conditions at foreign places


No. Input Channels 2
No. Output Channels 3
Talkback No