Lavry Engineering LK-Solo


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High-quality headphone amplifier and latency-free 2 channel recorder.

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Lavry Engineering LK-Solo


The Lavry Engineering LK-Solo is a ½-rack unit which serves two functions:

1)  A high-quality headphone amplifier with super-accurate analog stepped volume control (½ dB increments).

2)  A powerful tool for 2 channel recording and overdubbing, which gives the performer 100% removal of latency from any digital recording system; while enabling the musician to independently adjust the live levels and the stereo input level.

The Lavry Engineering LK-Solo contributes zero signal distortion and noise to the recording because each LK-Solo output connector is hardwired to the respective input connector with no electronics in the signal path between. Mixers place many additional circuits in the signal path, adding coloration, phase distortion, and noise to the signals, but the LK-Solo does not.

Converter makers have been pushed to accommodate low latency. This comes at great sacrifices in audio quality. Some IC makers go as far as providing “switchable” digital filters (lower latency at lower quality or higher latency for higher quality). The LK-Solo enables use of quality converters without latency concerns. Freedom from latency also enables use of large buffers, recording at any sample frequency, many plugins in series, and even additional hardware in the signal path, with no limits.

The user interface of the LK-Solo is designed for easy workflow. The learning curve of operation is trivial, and the hookup is negligible (requiring 4 additional cables and no additional hardware).

Lavry Engineering LK-Solo Key Features

  • ZERO LATENCY Cue mix with any digital recording system
  • Professional Grade Headphone Amplifier
  • Hard-wired signal path for critical signals with no loss of quality
  • Stereo Playback Monitoring
  • Stereo and Mono Recording
  • Precision Volume Control – ½dB steps
  • Non-volatile memory
  • LATENCY KILLER™ technology at ½ Rack Size
  • Headphone click protection minimizes clicks normally associated with power-up and power-down

Suitable For

  • Broadcast
  • Tracking
  • Overdubbing
  • Location Recording
  • Post Production

Headphone Volume Control

  • 0-66dB
  • Step size: 3dB coarse, 0.5dB fine
  • Non-volatile memory recalls settings on power-up

Headphone Output Features

  • Output Impedance:  0.28 Ohm
  • Volume Control Precision:
    • Integral linearity (deviation from straight line) – better than 0.1dB
    • Differential linearity (step size) – better than 0.05dB
  • Frequency flatness response:  0.05dB (10Hz-20KHz)
  • Maximum output level (full scale):  18dBu (6.16V)
  • THD+N:  (10Hz-22KHz bandwidth, 18dBu reference)
    • 60mW power (15dBu into 300 Ohms):
      • -100dBr at 1KHz
      • -96dBr over bandwidth
    • 60mW power (10dBu into 100 Ohms):
      • -100dBr at 1KHz
      • -96dBr over bandwidth
  • Headphone channel separation:
    • -112dB at 1KHz
    • -110dB over bandwidth
  • Dynamic range:
    • -110dBr unweighted
    • -116 A weighted

Inputs and Outputs

  • Input impedance: 100 KOhm unbalanced, 200 KOhms balanced.
  • Outputs are hardwired directly to inputs, with wide separation between channels
  • No measurable interaction between channels
  • Maximum input level- Stereo, CH1/Mono, CH2 inputs:
    • Balanced: +24dBu (T.R.S.)
    • Unbalanced: +18dBu (T.S.)


  • 83-265VAC
  • 47-63Hertz


  • Dimensions: 8”W x 1.75”H x 10.75” D (front panel to rear panel connectors; front panel knob adds 5/8”)
  • Weight: Less than 5lbs, 6 lbs shipping weight
  • An optional Rack Mount Kit is available which can be used to mount any combination* of two LavryBlack units in a 1U 19” rack space. Please note that this kit cannot be used to rack mount a single LavryBlack unit in that space