Moon Modular 592 Reversible Modulation Matrix

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Brands: Moon Modular
Moon Modular


592 Reversible Modulation Matrix

The REVERSIBLE MODULATION MATRIX combines six attenuator-units, consisting of three elements each:
· 12 position input selector to choose one of 12 signal inputs
· reversible attenuator, which attenuates or amplifies the input signal in a range from -200 % to +200 %; in zero-position the signal is suppressed completely
· 12 position output selector to chose one of 12 signal outputs
The complete modulation matrix consists of three (or in one special case two) modules – the central active control unit M 592 and the sub-modules M 592i/592o with 12 in- and 12 output-jacks.
The inputs are connected via switching jacks: one single modulation source can – without any extra patchcord – routed to several different outputs at once, via independent attenuators.