Cre8audio NiftyBundle Eurorack Case with modules + cables


84HP Powered Eurorack Case, with Chipz Dual VCO/LFO Module, Cellz CV Generator/Sequencer Module, 2 Blank Panels, and 6 x Patch Cables
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Cre8audio NiftyBundle Eurorack Case with modules + cables

Set a Smart Foundation for Your First (or Next) Eurorack Rig

Start your Eurorack rig off right, with the Cre8 Audio NiftyBundle. Complete with a powered Eurorack case, two unique modules, and a box of cables for patching, the NiftyBundle puts you on the fast track towards sonic creativity. It includes Chipz, a dual VCO and LFO module with the character of vintage gaming consoles, and Cellz, a hands-on CV generator and sequencer that’s a blast to play with. And you still have 60HP of space to build your own custom sonic playground — just leave the included blank panels in place until you’re ready to add your own Eurorack modules. No matter how you plan to use your Eurorack rig, the Cre8 Audio NiftyBundle is a great place to start.

NiftyCase — ready for input from your DAW, sequencer, or MIDI controller

If you need your Eurorack rig to interface with your DAW software, external sequencers, or MIDI controllers, you’ll be glad you started with the Cre8 Audio NiftyCase. It has inputs on the back panel for DIN MIDI as well as USB MIDI — there’s also a MIDI Thru port to pass along MIDI to other devices. If you already use a master sequencer or controller, and want to integrate a Eurorack rig alongside you other drum machines and synth modules, NiftyCase is a sweet solution indeed.

Chipz — chippy oscillators and a unique LFO

What began as a quest to re-create the sound of classic video game systems evolved into the Cre8 Audio Chipz Eurorack module, featuring dual oscillators and a clever LFO in a single, value-packed module. Both oscillators and the LFO offer sine, triangle, saw, square, and noise waveforms. Oscillator one has a built-in filter (with CV input for modulation), and the second oscillator features pulse-width modulation (also with CV input). What synthesists at Sweetwater find clever is the LFO’s second output, which serves up the same waveform as output one but at four times the speed. Spend some time exploring its patching options, and you’ll find the sonic opportunities are vast with the Cre8 Audio Chipz Eurorack module.

Cellz — your hands-on CV generation control center

The Cre8 Audio Cellz Eurorack CV generator module is an innovative control module that rewards hands-on sonic exploration. Its 16 touch-sensitive pads can each output two different unipolar CV values — assign each pad its own set of values and you’re ready to play them in real time, or sequence them using a variety of sequencing capabilities. Two tuning modes expand your creative potential further — tuning can be quantized for fast, musical results, or free scale for unquantized pitch manipulation.

Cre8 Audio NiftyBundle Eurorack Case Features:
  • 84HP Eurorack case with power, flying bus cable, USB/MIDI input, and line-level audio output
  • Includes Chipz dual VCO/LFO module and Cellz CV generation/sequencer module
  • Built-in converter takes USB or MIDI input and converts to CV, gate, clock, and mod signals for patching into your modules
  • Accepts MIDI via USB or DIN cable, with MIDI Thru port for daisy chaining to other MIDI gear
  • Built-in power supply with 10-header flying bus cable
  • Provides 1,500mA at +12V, 500mA at -12V, and 500mA at +5V
  • Internal depth of 55mm gives you more depth than many comparable Eurorack cases offer
  • Includes a box of six 1/8″ patch cables (2 x 17.7″, 2 x 13.8″, 2 x 7.9″)