Audient ASP4816 HE Compact Analogue Recording Console



48 Channel Analog Console

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Audient ASP4816 Compact Analogue Recording Console

Since the release of the ASP8024-HE and the subsequent, ever-growing popularity of its Vintage Mix Bus processing, we have been receiving regular requests to add the same magic touches to the ASP4816, and that is exactly what we did. Take a look below to find out what features we have added to make this mixing console more powerful than ever.

Whats new?

Vintage Mix Bus Processing

  • Add colour and shape your mixes with the mix bus processor – featuring a real transformer drive alongside a Low Bump and High Lift EQ. Taken straight from the ASP8024-HE.

Gain Reduction VU Meter

  • A slick new gain reduction VU meter for improved visual feedback when adding compression to your mixes.

Newly designed Cosmetics

  • All new obsidian finish | White LED Metering improved labelling for easier navigation.

Footswitch for Talkback Control

  • Toggle talkback on and off with the new added foot switch capabilities.

John Hardy 990 Op Amps

  • The 990 Op amps ensure the mix bus benefits from crystal clear clarity with a little bit of zing.

Bus Compression Bass Expand

  • BASS EXPAND – a brand new high pass filter in the compressors side chain, designed to tighten up your mixes and add punch without destroying your low end.

All-metal Main Output Pot

  • The addition of a custom aluminium knob for a touch of class during everyday use.

Monitoring Grade Headphone Output

  • Designed to let you, the engineer check your recordings and mixes on headphones.
The Features:
  • 16 x Audient Console Mic Preamps
  • 48 Inputs
  • 4 Band Splittable EQ
  • Vintage Mix Bus Processing
  • Mix Bus Compressor
  • Inline Architecture
  • 8 Subgroups/Inserts
  • 6 Auxes / 2 x Cue Sends
  • 4 x Stereo Monitor Outputs
  • 1 x Monitoring Grade Headphone Output
  • Advanced Monitor Control