Neve AMS BCM10/2 Mk2 10CH

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Neve AMS


Neve BCM10/2 Mk2 10 channel console

Modernized version of the classic 10-channel BCM10 recording / mixing console


In a world where more musicians and engineers are recording than ever, the AMS Neve BCM10/2 MkII fills the void of high quality, small format consoles for all types of users. Whether it’s the centerpiece of a smaller scale studio or a side car to a bigger recording console, the 10-channels of classic EQ and mic pre modules that make up the BCM10/2 Mk2 ensure you’re bringing home that classic Neve sound in a more convenient analog format.


The BCM10/2 Mk2 remains completely faithful to the same basic system of the original, as it comes packed with 1073N modules and 1272 stereo mix buss. However, during the console’s redesign phase, AMS Neve designer Robin Porter came to the conclusion that some additions could help make the console a better fit in the current day studio setting. The results are a console that has the essential Neve sound with better options for outputs, monitoring and more.

The revamped version of the BCM10/2 Mk2 offers a direct output per channel for recording, four mono auxiliaries, a stereo cue, two inputs per channel for monitoring and mixing and mix bus insert with 2264a compression and parallel processing. In addition to these changes, the brilliant minds at AMS Neve have also included SLS and headphone outputs, a stereo/5.1 loudspeaker monitor, dedicated reverb returns and DI Bus inputs, a Solo system and comprehensive talkback system.


Originally designed in 1969 and put into production by 1970, the BCM10/2 was billed as “a new departure into the field of sophisticated audio control,” a reputation which the new version holds onto today. The BCM10/2 features the same 1073 circuit and 1272 modules used in the original, while also incorporating the brilliant work of AMS Neve designers to recreate essential elements like the rail/connection system, noise levels and low distortion that the 45-series system is renowned for. All of which is found in the same transportable format as the original early 70s design.


Whether you’ve heard plug-ins based on their products or used the real thing, Neve has gained a reputation in the pro audio industry for a reason. The exceptional sound of the 1073, 1272, 2264A LB and more, have helped cement the reputation of the BCM10 as an incredibly flexible in-studio tool. With the launch of the BCM10/2 Mk2, AMS Neve is giving a new generation of engineers, producers and artists alike, the opportunity to physically handle an incredible console with the classic Neve sound and contemporary features.


  • Neve classic sound using Class A topology
  • Channel amp choice of 1073N (standard), 1073 Classic and 1084
  • Classic voltage mixing using 1272 balanced mixing topology
  • 2x 500 slots fitted with 2264ALB compressors, patchable or selectable across the Mix Bus
  • Direct outputs on every channel selectable pre or post channel insert
  • Simple i/p to each channel doubles mix i/p’s when mixing and also allows monitor and cue mixes
  • 4 Auxes, 1 Stereo Cue, 1 Stereo Main Mix Bus
  • Stereo and 5.1 monitor with Passive 24 position gold plated monitor level control
  • 3x Stereo and 1x 5.1 selectable loudspeaker o/p sets
  • Comprehensive Solo system with Destructive and Safe/isolate modes
  • 2x stereo reverb returns with width, mono and balance controls & 2 mono DI to bus i/p’s
  • Main mix o/p insertion selectable pre or post fade with IMR parallel processing controls
  • SLS and headphone outputs
  • 25-way D-sub connectivity for easy installation into home or studio environments
  • Optional side car stand on castors


  • 10, 16, 24 or 32 channel configurations
  • Neve 1073N mic preamps fitted as standard, upgrade to 1073 Classic or 1084 Classic on specified channels
  • Pair of loudspeaker shelves – mount on top of console
  • Side car stand with lockable castors