Cycling 74 Max 7 – Programmable Multimedia Toolkit Software (Single User Educational Upgrade from 5 or 6 Discount) (Electronic Download)


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Cycling 74


Max 7 from Cycling ’74 is a fully programmable multimedia toolkit software suite that allows you to make your own tools for sound, graphics, music and interactivity in a visual environment. It also allows you to control live performance elements such as lighting systems, music, video and more. It is a standalone program and it’s compatible with Mac and Windows. The software employs a visually driven programming interface that can be used in creative ways to customize how Max’s components interact with each other and how they interact with external elements. With an updated interface that is optimized for speed and simplicity, Max 7 allows you to quickly create programs and macros in real-time for customized multimedia functionality.

Max 7 offers a palette of fully customizable music and audio tools that can be designed and utilized according to your individual needs. You can create tonal behaviors, compositional machines, non-linear sequences and more. Utilize sample-manipulation, synthesis tools, filters and spectral processing as well as real-time recording and playback to invent new sounds and workflows. Additionally, Max 7 features the Beap module, which emulates the 1v/octave signal standard used by most modular synthesizers. The output of a Beap module utilizes a CV-enabled audio interface to connect with a modular synthesizer without worrying about unit conversion or signal scaling.

In addition to audio features, Max 7 also includes Jitter, a complete video effects and 3D graphics toolkit. You can create and control visual effects with audio, MIDI or any other data source. Make use of vector graphics, color manipulations and live video to create complex performances. Also, using the OpenGL 3D rendering system, you can create 3D graphics with full control of lighting, shading and camera angles.

Max 7 can also be used to build custom applications for interfacing with external systems and devices. Such devices may include lighting systems, sensors, video displays and much more. Max 7 supports a host of hardware communication methods including MIDI, Serial, OpenSoundControl, and HID protocols. Using these tools, you can customize Max 7 to control your entire live performance from music to video to lighting.

Note: This is an educational package that requires proof of current educational status.

  • Full support for MIDI devices and modern audio hardware
  • Limitless audio options including basic DSP building blocks, VST, Audio Units, and Max for Live devices
  • Flexible support for multi-channel audio
  • Realtime input from webcams, digitizers, and built-in hardware
  • Interactive OpenGL graphics and GLSL shaders, including realtime shadows
  • Support for multiple displays and tools for live projection
  • Efficient realtime HD playback and hardware-accelerated image processing
  • Transcoding and interaction between audio, video, graphics, and control data
  • Animate 3D models in real-time with support for Collada and other popular model file formats
  • Serial control support for Arduino and other micro-controllers
  • OpenSoundControl support for networked communication and hardware control
  • HID support for using USB joysticks and input devices