Black Lion Audio Revolution 2×2 + iZotope Music Production Suite Limited Bundle

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Black Lion Audio


Black Lion Audio Revolution 2×2 + iZotope Music Production Suite Limited Bundle

Black Lion Revolution 2×2 USB-C Audio Interface

Black Lion Audio has long been renowned as the “king of audio mods”. Now, after years of secret planning, engineering, and hard work, Black Lion brings you the Revolution 2×2. Offering the ultimate in portable recording, the Revolution 2×2 revolutionizes the world of bus-powered, studio-grade interfaces.

Not just another cheap and portable option. The Revolution 2×2 is capable of recording a top-level record from start to finish. Boasting the most cutting-edge and high-end ICs, Vishay, Nichicon, and Wima capacitors are used throughout the entire circuit. While all internal gain-staging is optimized to give you the very lowest signal-to-noise ratio.

What’s more, all of the analog I/O uses the finest components. As well as fully decoupled and balanced. Something you won’t find on many other interfaces and often results in extra noise contamination during recording and playback.

Finally, the Revolution 2×2 comes complete with an awesome software package. So you’ll have everything you need to get started. Including Studio One Artist, Izotope Elements Suite, Brainworx BX Digital, and Lindell 6X500.

iZotope Music Production Suite 4.1

The Izotope Music Production Suite 4.1 is a collection of over 30 audio plug-ins including Ozone 9, Neutron 3, Nectar 3 Plus, RX 9, and Neoverb; one year of tutorials from Groove3, along with stereo reverbs R4 and NIMBUS.