Benson Sound Labs Lineage Super 8

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These eight pres are magic! Tedi Sarafian Music Producer, CEO of Barefoot Sound

“Using the Lineage Super 8 and the 1632/EQ/Summing mixer in my latest project was an absolute delight. These eight pres are magic, each with its own unique vibe. They bring depth, clarity, and a rich fullness that shines beautifully. My trusty old mics really hit it off with them – a match made in heaven, you could say. These preamps delivered my best vocal recordings ever. Nowadays, whenever I’m diving into vocals, acoustic guitar, piano, you name it, these preamps are my go-to. Actually, they work wonders on just about anything you throw at them.

The summing bus is like a time machine with that vintage sound, reminiscent of the classic consoles they used back in the day. My mixes suddenly become 3D. No wonder they went for a Harrison console for Michael Jackson’s “Thriller.” That album’s legendary sound makes perfect sense now.  I usually do not write reviews on gear and did not receive these for free to do so.  This is my honest take on a product that’s worth your attention.”

—Tedi Sarafian
Music Producer, CEO of Barefoot Sound

Benson Sound Labs Lineage Super 8